WoHeLo Award – Camp Fire Central Puget Sound

Beginning in 9th grade, teens who participate in Camp Fire’s Group Program or our various Teen Leadership Programs are eligible to begin earning their Wohelo Award, the highest achievement in Camp Fire.

It takes an incredible amount of hard work and years of dedication.  Youth are required to complete three major service projects, or Advocacies, that they design and implement under the guidance of an advisor, and must complete four curriculum components focusing on self reflection, community service, environmental stewardship, preparation for the future, and more. Additionally, youth learn about our local and national Camp Fire history.

Participants who complete the requirements for the WoHeLo Award demonstrate leadership, self-confidence, respect for others, organizational skills and a desire and ability to make a difference in the world.

Teens – Earn Your Wohelo Award!

Contact us for more information to begin your work towards a Wohelo Award and make a difference in your community!

“Earning my WoHeLo was the hardest, scariest, and best thing I’ve ever done. I attribute much of the person I am today to Camp Fire and the WoHeLo program. It challenged me to be more than who I was and to be brave, confident and outspoken.”  TracyLee Clairmont

“Camp Fire has been a huge part of my life. It has taught me responsibility, people skills, and how to work for what I want in life. Without Camp Fire, I wouldn’t be the person I am today.”  DeLaney Flo Ballard

“Camp Fire has influenced my life by teaching me to become a strong leader, not just within Camp Fire programs, but outside of them as well… Camp Fire has given me strong, supportive, and diverse friends whom I cherish. Brianna Stepper

“Through Camp Fire I have made some amazing friends and learned how to be a good friend and team member. It has been a great experience to get involved in my community and learn about the different cultures in the community in which I live.” Jessica Mannard

“Camp Fire has taught me that it is very important to volunteer and help out in your community whenever possible because even the small things can make a difference.”  Stephanie Wilkinson