Teens in Action

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Grade: 9-12Date(s): October - JuneTime: 5:30 pm - 7:00 pm, first Thursday of each monthCost: 50Register Now for Teens in Action

Calling our Teen Leaders! Join Camp Fire for a year-round leadership program for teens to come together, build leadership skills, earn service hours, and have fun!

Teens in Action Membership Benefits:

Teen Leadership Retreat WorkshopMonthly Teens in Action Meetings

Each meeting will include time to socialize with your friends and share about what you’ve been up over the past few weeks. In addition, at least an hour of each meeting will focus on the service project the group has voted to work on. While the first few meetings will be planned and facilitated by our staff, the TIA group will be asked to suggest, plan and lead new topics throughout the year alongside our staff, allowing for youth to share their voice and build leadership skills. Service project ideas can range from any of our core focus areas, including community service, the environment, creative arts, healthy living, and much more.

Our  meetings will start virtual on the first Thursday of each month. Starting Thursday, October 7th.

Volunteer Opportunities

Active participants of our Teens in Action groups will be eligible for free, supervised volunteer opportunities at Camp Fire & Camp Sealth events. Teens can plan activities for younger youth, organize service projects for other teens to attend, attend service weekend’s at Camp Sealth, and more. All volunteer time will be provided with a service hour letter for your school community service requirements.

Teen Leaders in a Workshop

Plus, Camp Fire Youth Membership Benefits:

Teens in Action Membership includes all other Camp Fire Youth benefits, including:

  • Earn and purchase Camp Fire emblems
  • Access Camp Fire curriculum
  • Ability to earn a Wohelo Award
  • Insurance coverage for meetings or events
  • Opportunity to participate in the annual Candy Sale fundraiser for camp fees or special activities

Teen Leaders Participating in a Challenge ActivityQuestions?

Contact Alex Kirschner, Community Programs Manager, with questions at alexk@campfireseattle.org or (206) 826-8919.

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