Spring Escape Workshops

Check out the workshops that will be offered during the 2023 Spring Escape Weekend. Some workshops have photo examples (below). 

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  • Archery: Ready, aim…fire! Try out recurve archery on camp’s upper archery range and hone your skills. A shuttle is available to the archery range; a short hike is required.
  • Baklava: Learn to make baklava, the delicious Turkish dessert, and sample your results.
  • Basket Woven Bracelet: Learn simple basket weaving techniques to make a bracelet using brightly colored lanyard string.
  • Beginner Handbells: Ever wanted to try playing handbells? We’ll teach the basics and learn to play a simple song (“Barges”). It is not necessary to be able to read music.
  • Beginner Hardanger Embroidery: Hardanger (HAR-dahn-ger) is a traditional form of Norwegian embroidery; this class will explore the basics of Hardanger and make a small piece to place inside a card.
  • Camp Hike: Get outdoors and explore camp with the staff. Hike will be tailored to the interests of the participants. Note: This workshop involves a moderate level of hiking on hills and uneven trails; trails may be slippery if wet.
  • Craft Extravaganza: Multiple projects are offered, including pieced together fabric art, starfish wreath and decorative coasters.
  • Danish Cooking: Simple & delicious! Prepare three traditional Danish dishes: cucumber salad, cabbage rolls, and rice pudding.
  • Decorated Eggs: Using real egg shells, cut, fill, and decorate with assorted items.
  • Folded Danish Heart: Learn how to make woven Danish Hearts out of paper, both classic and intricate.
  • Free Time: Leave some open time in your schedule to relax, take a walk on the beach, or enjoy a cup of coffee.
  • Geocaching: (double workshop) An introduction to and real-world application for finding geocaches. This is a hands-on workshop with the chance to explore Vashon Island!
  • Glass Etching: Use stencils or free drawing to design and etch a mirror or drinking glass.
  • Ornament – Spring: Make a spring themed ornament using a styrofoam egg, fabric, and ribbon.
    Ornament – Winter: Make a winter-themed ornament using a styrofoam ball, fabric, and ribbon.
  • Quilling: Paper quilling is the art of rolling, shaping, gluing and making different things (bookmarks, magnets, cards, ornaments, keychains, etc.) with colorful paper strips. Make 1-2 projects in the class that you can take home.
  • Resin Photo Pendants: Make a personalized pendant using a photo of your choice (must bring with you). Pendant can be used as a keychain or necklace. Photo size/details will be sent to you ahead of time.
  • Scrapbook: Assorted materials will be available to create, or to supplement any items you bring, to create scrapbook pages.
  • Silhouette Painted Tote Bag: Paint a background and silhouette onto a tote bag using acrylic paints, your choice of colors and silhouettes – bird, cats, or trees.
  • Ukrainian Eggs: Use a kiska (wax drawing tool) to draw a hot wax design on your egg, then apply colors to make a multi-color Easter egg. You can keep your kiska to be able to do it again at home!
  • Unravel Your DNA: Learn how to use DNA testing/results to explore your family tree.
  • Wine Glass Candle Holder: Create a miniature diorama inside an inverted wine glass to be used as a candle holder.