Spring Escape Workshops

Check out some of the workshops that will be offered during the 2020 Spring Escape Weekend!

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  • Archery: Ready, aim…fire! Try out recurve archery on camp’s upper archery range and hone your skills. A shuttle is available to the archery range; a short hike is required.
  • Batik: Learn the art of batik to produce designs on a scarf. Use wax to create your design, then paint with dye. (Final rinse and wax removal at home – it’s safe & easy!)
  • Belly Dancing: Learn basic steps incorporating silk veils.
  • Beverage/Island Tour: Tour and taste at the best beverage spots on Vashon Island including a winery, cidery, and brewery.
  • Burlap & Lace: Make a variety of projects using burlap, lace, buttons, ribbon, wood frame, wood blocks, etc.
  • Candy-Making: Learn to make chocolate-covered caramels and truffles. Yum!
  • Captured Crystals Chainmaille Bracelet: Create a chainmaille tube bracelet to capture your favorite beads.
  • Ceramic Painting: Paint a tile or dish piece that will be glazed and fired.
  • Chicken Pin Cushion: Hand sew 9 patches with embellishments to make a chicken pin cushion
  • Danish Desserts: Make Danish Puffs and Citron Flamage (Lemon chiffon)
  • Egg Art: Decorate real eggshells with an Easter theme.
  • Exploding Memory Box: Use paper crafting, your photos, and embellishments to make a memory box for yourself or as a gift.
  • Free Time: Kick back, relax, and enjoy a little time to yourself.
  • Glass Etching: Create a frosted design on a drinking glass using an acidic compound; use stencils or create your own design.
  • Hike Sealth: Tour Camp Sealth with a pro and discover some of camp’s hidden secrets. Note: This workshop involves a moderate level of hiking on hills and uneven trails; trails may be slippery if wet.
  • Kitchen Wall Decor: Make a wall wreath or plaque using artificial vegetables, succulents or silk flowers.
  • Line Dance: Learn line dancing while listening to country music. Great low-impact exercise.
  • Pamper Yourself II: Create bath salts, soap, lip gloss, sugar scrub and lip balm to fill a basket or bookbag.
  • Printmaking: Learn a variety of techniques for printmaking using rubber mats, scratch foam and other materials.
  • Rope Bell Pull: Make a bell pull or keychain holder from rope.
  • Scorch Pyrography: Learn the exciting new process of chemical wood burning while discovering some of the not well known history of Camp Sealth by playing Two Truths and a Lie. (You will NOT want to miss this one!)
  • Sedum Cup & Saucer: Make a display of a cup and saucer decorated and filled with sedums.
  • Singing Sealth – 70s Style: Learn some camp songs fro a Sealth alumna who was a camper in the 1970’s.  Bring your voices – let’s have some fun!
  • Stress Management & Relaxation: Life is not simple! Stress is real and harmful! Learn ways to set priorities and experience simple relaxation techniques.
  • String Art: Make a decorative wall-hanging with nails and embroidery floss.