Spring Escape Workshops

Check out some of the workshops that will be offered during the 2022 Spring Escape Weekend! Some workshops have photo examples (below). 

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  • Archery: Ready, aim…fire! Try out recurve archery on camp’s upper archery range and hone your skills. A shuttle is available to the archery range; a short hike is required.
  • Bottle Cap Flowers: Wooden-backed flower art made with metal bottle caps and other recycled items.
  • Chain Maille: Create a bracelet using the Full Persian 6-in-1 weave.
  • Christmas Ornaments: Make beautiful handmade ornaments from a styrofoam ball and egg, fabric, and ribbon.
  • Craft Extravaganza: Create coasters from 6-pack holders and ceramic tiles, fishing lures from bottlecaps, hand-sewn sock critters, fleece creations, and/or sew some animal blankets to donate to an animal shelter. Check out the instructor’s Pinterest board for inspiration.
  • Danish Dinner: Simple & delicious! Prepare Hakkebøf med Løg (chopped beef with onions) and Brunade Kartofler (potatoes browned in sugar), with a bonus of homemade Frangos.
  • DNA Tests & Genealogy: Learn more about DNA testing and how to use them in genealogy research.
  • Escape Room: Can you find your way out? Work together to find clues and solve puzzles before time runs out!
  • Free Time: Leave some open time in your schedule to relax, take a walk on the beach, or enjoy a cup of coffee.
  • German Cooking: Prepare authentic German cuisine that you can easily make at home: Pork Schnitzel, Spätzle noodles, and Apple Streusel cake.
  • Hike Sealth: Tour Camp Sealth with a pro and discover some of camp’s hidden secrets. Note: This workshop involves a moderate level of hiking on hills and uneven trails; trails may be slippery if wet.
  • Natural Dye Techniques: Transform a piece of white fabric by applying various natural dye techniques.
  • Needle Felting: Learn the art of needle felting using a bit of wool to create a flower, animal, or other object which can be turned into a keychain, pin, etc.
  • Pebble Art: Use flat stones, beach glass, and other found objects to create a picture.
  • Plant Markers & Seed Cards: Use Fimo clay to create plant markers and create “seed” cards to plant.
  • Preserving Fruit: Learn to use a food dryer or your oven to dry fruits and try out recipes using them, including fruit leather and fruit soup.
  • Resin Crafting: Use resin and silicone molds to make small pieces of jewelry, key chains, etc.
  • Rustic Wood Table: Make a small rustic cedar table, 21Wx21Lx18H.
  • Wine Cork Flag: Use corks from your favorite wines (or use the ones provided) to create a flag.
  • Wood Burning: Use a woodburning tool to create a design on a coaster using a major local sports team theme.