Spring Escape Workshops

Check out some of the workshops that will be offered during the 2019 Spring Escape Weekend

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  • Archery: Ready, aim…fire! Try out recurve archery on camp’s upper archery range and hone your skills. A shuttle is available to the archery range; a short hike is required.
  • Basketry: Create a hand-woven miniature wall pocket basket. No experience required.
  • Batik: Learn the art of batik to produce designs on a scarf. Use wax to create your design, then paint with dye. (Final rinse and wax removal at home – it’s safe & easy!)
  • Bead Loom Bracelet:  Use a beading loom to create a beaded Seahawk bracelet.
  • Belly Dance: Learn basic belly dance steps and have fun with veils.
  • Calligraphy:  Basic introduction to the art of Italic lettering using felt tip pens with an introduction to various equipment used and calligraphy books.
  • Ceramic Painting: Paint a tile and dish piece that will be glazed and fired.
  • Chainmaille Flower Pendant: Play with jump rings and scales to create a scalemaille flower. This project is adaptable to beginner and advanced levels.
  • Danish Sandwiches & Tea: Learn to make and taste delicious sandwiches and sample different kinds of tea.
  • Enameling: Learn how to enamel on copper to create kitchen magnets and jewelry.
  • Flow Painting: Mix acrylic paints with water, silicone, and Floetrol to create a blend of color that when poured on a canvas, creates unique cells of color.
  • Flower Arranging: Learn the basics of flower arranging from a pro.
  • Free Time: Kick back, relax, and enjoy a little time to yourself.
  • Glass Etching: Create a frosted design on a mirror, vase, or other glass item using an acidic compound; use stencils or create your own design. This project is adaptable for beginner to advanced levels.
  • Hike Sealth: Tour Camp Sealth with a pro and discover some of camp’s hidden secrets. Note: This workshop involves a moderate level of hiking on hills and uneven trails; trails may be slippery if wet.
  • Iris Folding: Create 3 iris fold projects suitable for framing or to put on a card.
  • Knitted Cat Toy/Door Snake: Use a small Knifty Knitter to create a catnip stuffed cat toy or door snake to prevent drafts.
  • Moongazing Painting: Paint a moonlit background with a color palette of your choice; look at how light reflects off branches and work with highlights; then work with negative space to paint a subject or design of your choice.
  • Pastamania: Learn how to make a variety of fresh, handmade pasta and sauces, such as fettuccine, gnocchi, spaetzle, and tortellini.
  • Scandanavian Cookies: Make a variety of Scandinavian cookies using a rosette iron, deep fryer, and oven.
  • Tie-Dye & Candles: Learn the basics of tie-dye (either purchase a white/white shirt during registration, or bring your own article to dye), and make a simple dip candle. Note: Tie-dye will also be available as a drop-in activity throughout the weekend. Sign up for this workshop if you need more hands-on instruction.
  • Woodworking: Create a wooden pasta drying rack/trivet using a variety of power and hand tools.