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Try our custom coffee roasted over a wood fire just for us by Campfire Coffee Co.!

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Try this custom roast made just for us! A coffee that is as rich as the trail is long, our ‘Trail of Happy Feet’ roast is a wonderful, fair trade, organically grown arabica coffee sourced from the highlands of Mexico. This is a “throwback” coffee; reminiscent of a bygone era of waking up to crisp air and a fresh cup. It is hearty, full bodied with notes of caramel and cocoa nibs and fittingly, ’Trail of Happy Feet’ is roasted over an open flame wood fire by Campfire Coffee Co. in Tacoma, WA.

It’s worth noting, the small family owned farms in the southern regions of Mexico that grow the beans that make this roast have been around about as long as the Camp Fire organization. So look to the future with a cup that is as warm as the memories of time spent out on the trail of happy feet. Tradition says to wave and say hello to anyone you meet on the trail, so we hope you’ll enjoy a cup while thinking of your Camp Fire friends.

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