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Age: All Ages

All Ages Emblems & Awards

The following are emblems that can be earned by Camp Fire members ages 3-21 years old.

Adopt A Group Experienced groups can adopt a younger/ newer group and teach them the traditions of Camp Fire

Blue Ribbon Award This award is earned by the whole group after fulfilling requirements in Group Leadership, Program Participation, and Camp Fire Visibility

Be a Reader Youth complete activities that focus on books and literature.

Celebrate the Seasons Youth earn each season after completing 10 activities

Creative Arts Award Youth set and achieve goals in Music, Dance, Art, or Writing

Friendship across the Ages Youth and seniors develop friendships and learn about the each other’s generation and daily lives.

Generations Emblem Youth learn about what Camp Fire was like for the older generation(s) or what they did instead of Camp Fire.

I Told a Friend Youth help recruit new members to their group

Membership Awards: Help Camp Fire Grow Youth help with a public event or events for organizing new groups

National Art Experience Complete 3 activities and submit an art project with the Entry Form to the Camp Fire Central Puget Sound office.

2017 President’s Volunteer Service Award Application Youth and adults can earn the Gold, Silver, or Bronze Awards by completing the required number of volunteer hours for their age group and submitting this form to their Program Manager.

Project Contact Youth participate safely in a pen pal program.

Project Good Earth Youth learn about ecosystems, environmental issues and complete a project that helps improve the environment.

Project Handclasp Youth learn about another country and its culture.

Project Share Youth form a bond with a group/person in need after meeting with them at least 7 times during the year.

Project Weather Ready Youth learn about the local weather hazards and what they can do to be prepared.

Protect Endangered Species (formerly Save the Bluebird) Youth learn about an endangered animal, discover organizations protecting this animal, and then share what they have learnt.

Ready, Set, Sew! Youth complete 5 sewing projects and 2 service learning activities to earn the emblem.

Sales and Sense Youth learn how to sell safely and effectively, set goals, and handle money.

Salute to Veterans (Valentines for Vets) Youth make cards that will be given to a local VA hospital.

Sports Award Youth set and achieve goals made by themselves at the beginning of the season.

Swimming Emblems Polliwog, Frog, Fish, Flying Fish, and Dolphin and their corresponding swim class levels.

Trails Day The first Saturday in June take a 2+ mile hike with your group or family.

End of Year Awards (K-8th Grade)

Each year youth can earn an end of year award by exploring each of the five trails, completing a community service project, and helping support Camp Fire. The awards progress in difficulty as the youth age.

K Trail End of Year Award Kindergarten Level

Trail Starter End of Year Award 1st grade Level

Trail Explorations End of Year Award 2nd Grade Level

Trail Seeker End of Year Award 3rd Grade Level

Wood Gatherer End of Year Award 4th Grade Level

Fire Maker End of Year Award 5th Grade Level

Path Finder End of Year Award 6th Grade Level

Trail Blazer End of Year Award 7th Grade Level

Navigator End of Year Award 8th Grade Level

Coming Soon:

Little Stars Awards

Starflight Emblems

Adventure Emblems

Discovery Emblems

Horizon Emblems


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