Discovery Year One

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Age: Ages 11-14

Welcome to 1st Year Discovery

Projects & Activities

Use the Path Finder End of Year Award as starting point to planning your year. Pick one meeting plan from each of the 5 Building Block categories, one project to complete (4 meeting plans or earn 4 Discovery Points), then one meeting from each of the other 4 trails, start thinking of service project ideas,  delegate a Candy Captain, and think of the outdoor community event to attend. Use the checklist to help keep you on track.

After the checklist is completed, continue to explore and complete more of the projects or additional activities, work on All Ages Projects, earn beads from the Activity Bead Book, complete Torch Bearers projects, or earn Council Discovery Emblems. To earn a project emblem you must complete 4 meeting plans or earn 4 Discovery Points. Youth also earn a bead for every meeting plan they participate in.

To help track the progress of your child or group and to make ordering awards easier please download and save the progress tracker linked below.

Discovery Emblem Tracker Group

Discovery Emblem Tracker- Independent

The Projects

Projects are divided into the Building Block and 5 trails click the links below to access the Project plans.

Building Block

Complete one meeting plan from each of the 5 categories listed below.

Trail to Knowing Me

Children learn about relationships, improve communication skills, gain self knowledge, and learn how to stay healthy and safe.

Trail to Family and Community

Children learn about families and communities, how to work as a team, how to become effective leaders, and how to help out in their homes and communities.

Trail to Creativity

This trail stimulates children’s creativity and imagination through activities that involve the visual and preforming arts. Children will experiment creating art using various mediums, create music, and participate in the dramatic arts.

Trail to the Environment

Children understand and appreciate the natural world by participating in activities focused on nature, environmental awareness, and animals. Children will explore and take hikes, engage in hands-on learning about earth and life sciences, and gain outdoor skills.

Trail to the Future

Children will develop numerous mental and physical skills needed for their futures. Child will play sports and games to teach sharing, teamwork, and good sportsmanship. Children learn to cook, explore the physical sciences, and learn to stay physically fit.

Discovery Awards

It’s New to Me

Do five activities totally new to you to earn this emblem. Each activity must be a separate experience, not a new activity you are already familiar with (such as trying a new recipe if you have cooked before, or learning a new skill in a sport in which you are already active).


To earn this emblem, you must:

  1. Plan a trip of at least 3 days and 2 nights to another state or country.
  2. Earn money for food, travel and lodging expenses.
  3. Make all the arrangements for travel, lodging and food (if necessary).
  4. Go on the trip and have fun!

The emblem can be earned more than once if the destination is different each time.

Trail Hiking

Familiarize yourself with some of the many wilderness trails in our area. Record every mile you hike during the Discovery Program to earn a Trail Hiking emblem. Each trail, or segment of a trail may be counted only one time per award. To earn all 3 emblems you must hike 95 miles. Hikes you take with your family or school may be counted towards the total mileage. The color of the emblem identifies how many miles you’ve trekked:

  • Hike 15 miles = Green
  • Hike 15 more miles = 30 miles total = Blue
  • Hike 20 more miles = 50 miles total = Brown


To earn this emblem, plan a 5 day, 4 night camping trip, and follow these guidelines:

  1. Camp in a tent, under a tarp, or under the stars- not in a cabin or camper.
  2. Try at least 4 new outdoor cooking recipes.
  3. Take at least 2 hikes.
  4. Do a service project, such as picking up litter in a public area or along a trail.

Remember to always practice Leave-No-Trace. Also, at least one adult who goes with the group must have had the appropriate training(s) with Camp Fire, and the group must turn in the Trip & Outdoor Activity Form at least 2 weeks before the trip. Have Fun!


Keep track of how many hours you volunteer to help people in your community. Every 25 hours you serve earns you this emblem. It can be earned an unlimited number of times (while you are in the Discovery Program). Any hours that you count towards the Presidential Volunteer Service Award can go towards this award also.

All Ages Awards

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