Adventure Year Three

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Age: Ages 10-11

Welcome to 3rd Year Adventure

Projects & Activities

Use the Fire Maker End of Year Award as starting point to planning your year. Pick one project from each of the 5 Trails, start thinking of service project ideas,  delegate a Candy Captain, and think of the outdoor community event to attend. Use the checklist to help keep you on track. After the checklist is completed, continue to explore and complete more of the projects, work on All Ages Projects, or earn beads from the Activity Bead Book. To earn a project emblem you must complete 3 meeting plans. Youth also earn a bead for every meeting plan they participate in.

To help track the progress of your child or group and to make ordering awards easier please download and save the progress tracker linked below.

Adventure Group Emblem Tracker

Adventure Independent Member Emblem Tracker

The Projects

Projects are divided into 5 trails click the links below to access the Project plans.

Trail to Knowing Me

Children learn about relationships, improve communication skills, gain self knowledge, and learn how to stay healthy and safe.

  • Fitness
  • Values and Emotions
  • I’m Peer Proof
  • Communication
  • Conflict Resolution

Trail to Family and Community

Children learn about families and communities, how to work as a team, how to become effective leaders, and how to help out in their homes and communities.

  • My Family
  • Leadership
  • Clothing and Culture
  • A Gift of Giving
  • Citizenship

Trail to Creativity

This trail stimulates children’s creativity and imagination through activities that involve the visual and preforming arts. Children will experiment creating art using various mediums, create music, and participate in the dramatic arts.

  • Building Art
  • Music Video
  • Wooden Storage Case

Trail to the Environment

Children understand and appreciate the natural world by participating in activities focused on nature, environmental awareness, and animals. Children will explore and take hikes, engage in hands-on learning about earth and life sciences, and gain outdoor skills.

  • Nature
  • Precious Resources

Trail to the Future

Children will develop numerous mental and physical skills needed for their futures. Child will play sports and games to teach sharing, teamwork, and good sportsmanship. Children learn to cook, explore the physical sciences, and learn to stay physically fit.

  • Basketball
  • Space
  • Machines
  • Fun and Games

Fire Maker’s Desire

As fuel is brought to the fire,
so I promise to bring my strength,
my sensitivity, my heart’s desire,
my joy, and my sorrow
to the fire of human kindness;
for I will tend,
as my forebearers have tended
since time began,
that fire that is called
the love of one for another

Camp Fire History

Complete one of the following activities.

  • Invite a guest that can explain what Camp Fire was like when they were younger. Once he/she is done discuss what it is like now. Together come up with ways that it is the same and ways in which it is different.
  • Complete the Celebrate Camp Fire Birthday Emblem.
  • Read the first 3 chapters of Wo-He-Lo, the Camp Fire History and write, draw, or preform a skit based on what you have learned.
  • Visit the Camp Fire office or speak with a staff member to learn about the local Camp Fire history or the history of Central Puget Sound Council.

Camp Fire Name

Choose a nickname that represents you and what is important to you. This can be a word that already exists or a brand new one that you created using parts of words like Wohelo (Work, Health, Love). This nickname doesn’t have to be a forever name some kids have to try 3 or 4 before they finally find the one that sticks.

Create a Symbolgram

  1. Learn how colors and symbols represent things and ideas. For example, what words come to your mind when you think of eagle? Freedom, strength, USA, majestic, noble, etc.
  2. Draw pictures of different symbol combinations until you find one that you link.
  3. Create your symbolgram using felt or scraps of fabric (see the example below).
  4. Display it.back of vest

Camp Fire Leadership Role

Below you will find some general leadership positions, but fill free to create your own. Positions can last all year, or just a couple of weeks. It should be long enough that each person can do their job independently (with no leader assistance). This will boost self confidence and allow them to gain leadership skills.

President- Calls the meeting to order, asks the recorder to take roll, and read minutes of previous meeting, ask for the treasurer’s report, discuss anything from last meeting that was not resolved (old business), lead discussion of new business.

Vice President- Fills in for the President if he/she is absent, and can have additional jobs like keeping track of who brings snacks and leading opening and closing activities.

Recorder- Rights done everything that happens during the meeting and keeps track of attendance.

Treasurer- Collects group dues and adds the amount to the group budget. They also subtract money spent for materials, field trips, etc.

Chairperson- Appointed to lead a specific project or meeting, or plan a special ceremony.

New Venture Project

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All Ages Awards

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