Types of Camp Fire Groups

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Camp Fire Groups can take on many forms – our program is flexible to meet your needs. Groups can be small and focus on a specific grade level or incorporate multiple ages into one group.  Camp Fire can also integrate with your home school curriculum, church or youth group, play group, or community center. Groups are led by trained, caring adult volunteers called Leaders.

Small Group Program

One or two leaders of a small group of youth, plus parent support. We recommend groups of six-ten youth. At least two adults must be present at every meeting. Leaders work to plan meetings and events for their group, involving parents as much as they can.

Cooperatively Led Small Group Program

Three or more leaders work collaboratively to share responsibilities, rotating responsibilities such as planning, leading meetings, and managing various aspects of group needs. Some groups also find that within this cooperative structure, a few groups may emerge that meet separately but draw on shared resources.

Community Family Clubs

Multi-age groups welcoming all youth to attend with a high involvement from parents and siblings. Led by a few key leaders, families work together to plan their meetings and use Camp Fire as a way to build community across ages and families. These groups can be as large as you are able to manage!

Independent Membership

Youth may sign up as independent members with a parent or guardian serving as their leader. Independent Members receive the same Membership Benefits as our groups or family clubs, and often attend our Events & Activities as a way to meet and socialize with other Camp Fire youth.