Virtual Camp Fire Group

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Grade: K-3rdLocation: VirtualDate(s): September 2021- June 2022Cost: $75 (mid-year price)Register Now for Virtual Camp Fire Group

About the Virtual Group

In 2020, we began piloting virtual groups to keep youth connected during the pandemic. For the 2021-2022 program year, we’ll continue with one group of youth in K-3rd grade. This group is different from our other council groups because this group will be lead by our own council staff! Groups will meet virtually once a month with their leader in a small setting to complete Camp Fire curriculum and other fun games or activities. As a participant, you will also be invited to special events we have throughout the year!

What to Expect

Group Meetings

The kindergarten-3rd grade group will meet virtually on Zoom once a month with two of our Camp Fire Staff. During these 60 minute meetings, our staff will facilitate a fun opening exercise, an activity following curriculum from one of our trails, and a reflection to wrap it all up. These meetings will give youth an opportunity to participate in more curriculum and virtually meet other youth their age in the council.


Camp Fire participants, while guided by our staff, will take a journey down our five trails which cover the following enrichment areas: emotions and relationships, environmental stewardship, healthy living and safety, and making a difference in the communities in which we live. All participants will have unrestricted access to our curriculum and activities, which you can learn more about  here.

Recognition Items

During the registration process, you will have the option to order your own Camp Fire Vest, Camp Fire National Identification Emblem, and our our Central Puget Sound Identification Emblem! Throughout the course of the year, youth will be completing curriculum that will earn them emblems to show off their hard work. Our staff will keep track of which emblems your youth have earned and you will have an option to purchase them a few times a year.

You will also be automatically enrolled into our emblem subscription program! The cost is included in the price of registration. Once per month in September through June, you’ll receive an exciting new emblem with instructions on how to earn it in the mail! This is a great way to pace yourself with the curriculum and work toward emblems outside of meetings.

Candy Sale Fundraiser

All Camp Fire youth participate in our yearly Candy Sale Fundraiser that takes place over the course of four weeks from mid-January to mid-February. Through the Candy Fundraiser youth learn community engagement, how to safely sell to the public, communication and public speaking skills, and various selling techniques. Youth will also learn time management and organization skills by setting a candy selling goal. New this year, we plan to have youth sell candy virtually on our site versus selling at stores or door to door.

Our yearly membership fees do not cover the expense of operating Group Program, and the fundraiser brings in critical funds that allow us to continue our work to serve your children and family while also giving your group and members a chance to raise money for group activities, emblems, vests, or even program fees and a week of camp!

Financial Aid

To apply for Financial Aid, register online, and choose the “Financial Aid” option during the registration process. You’ll be prompted to complete the Campership Application form.


For questions about the virtual group or other options, please contact Ali Fuller at