Candy Fundraiser

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candy sellerGet ready for our annual Candy Fundraiser!

All Camp Fire group members participate in the Candy Fundraiser, taking place in January and February each year. Our yearly membership fees to not cover the expense of operating Group Program, and the fundraiser brings in critical funds that allow us to continue our work to serve your children and family while also allowing your group and members to raise money for group activities, emblems, vests, or even program fees and a week of camp!

New Virtual Sales Coming in 2021

Camp Fire is planning new ways for your youth to sell candy to reach their goals, like individual sales pages for each youth and group as well as resources to support socially distant sales. You may be able to reach your goals without ever checking out a box of candy! More information will be available later in the fall of 2020.

What Youth Learn & Earn

Through the Candy Fundraiser youth learn community engagement, how to safely sell to the public, communication and public speaking skills, and various selling techniques. Youth will also learn time management and organization skills by setting a candy selling goal. After the Candy Fundraiser is completed, youth will receive various forms of recognition including stuffed animals, special prizes, and emblems depending on the amount sold, along with special celebrations!

Are you a candy customer? Thank you for your support!

All proceeds from the Camp Fire Candy Sale directly benefit our youth!  They sell candy to help them earn critical funds for their group activities and supplies, pay for special events and summer camp and to purchase emblems and other recognition items. Additionally, the Candy Fundraiser raises critical funds for our Camp Fire council.