Camp Fire Group Program

Camp Fire Group Program has options for all!

New Virtual Program Options

You’re invited to connect your family with Camp Fire’s new and continuing program opportunities this fall. We’ve been working hard this summer to adapt our 100 years of program experience into a new era of virtual connectivity and we’re excited to share it with you. Here are some of the things we’ve got planned for our members this year:

  • Monthly virtual meetings for any registered Central Puget Sound member in grades K-5, featuring fun, staff led activities or workshops!
  • New curriculum and activities geared for a virtual platform, as well as activities that can bye done independently.
  • A “catalogue” of special activities our staff can lead for your virtual group meeting
  • New online sales opportunities for our annual Candy Fundraiser
  • Virtual trainings for any new leaders who are starting up a group for the first time.
  • Special trainings for Camp Fire leaders to train on internet safety and a how-to guide for hosting virtual meetings on a variety of platforms.

How to Join Camp Fire

Ways to Get Involved

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  • Join a Virtual Camp Fire Group
  • Become an Independent Member
  • Start Your Own Camp Fire Group

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What Makes Us Unique

Camp Fire Group Program has been operating since the beginning of our council’s foundation in 1919. Over 100 years, our caring adult leaders and staff have worked to building meaningful partnerships with youth to put our youth participants at the center of our programming.

Camp Fire programs focus on providing youth with meaningful learning experiences, building peer relationships in a small group setting, connecting to the natural world, valuing people of diverse backgrounds and abilities, establishing healthy lifestyle habits, and being empowered with a sense of purpose and optimism for the future. Our core values include service to the community and leadership opportunities for youth of all ages. Youth will explore the outdoors, exercise their creativity, volunteer in their community and meet new friends all while having fun together!

Group Program engages the entire family with fun and outcome based activities. Groups encourage parent participation at every step, and there are often many opportunities throughout the year for your whole family to participate in an event, activity, camp out, and more. Every group is different, and while some groups may allow youth to be dropped off for meetings, all parents should expect to participate in events or meetings a few times throughout the year. Group Program is an enriching opportunity to engage with other families and your community while participating in fun activities!

group of kidsCamp Fire Teaches Youth:

  • Leadership, Life & Social Skills
  • Responsible Decision-Making
  • Knowledge & Appreciation of the Natural World
  • Healthy Lifestyle Habits
  • Civic Engagement & Stewardship
  • Public Speaking & Goal Setting Skills

In Camp Fire, everyone is welcome.

Camp Fire programs are open to youth of all backgrounds and abilities. We strive to create a safe and inclusive space for all youth so that they may explore their own identities, build important life skills, and feel supported by peers and adults.  Learn more about our Commitment to Inclusion.

Financial Aid

We strive to provide our programs to as many families as possible, regardless of ability to pay. Learn more about Financial Assistance.

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