Outdoor Education & Retreats FAQs – Camp Fire Central Puget Sound

What dates are available?

We are available for rentals from September to early June each year. Within that timeframe, our rental availability is constantly changing so please use the Retreats Inquiry Form to inquire about your first-choice dates and our staff will be in touch with you soon to confirm our availability.

What do you offer as a part of a rental?

We separate our rentals into two main categories, Outdoor Education and Retreats.

  • For Outdoor Education, schools select from a wide variety of outdoor curricula and activities as a part of an experiential education overnight trip. Camp Sealth staff host the activities and meals while schools provide adult supervision during the days, evenings, and overnight. Our Outdoor Education program generally runs 2-night experiences on Wednesdays through Fridays in the spring and fall but please contact the Outdoor Education and Retreats Director if we have availability to accommodate an alternative schedule.
  • For Retreats, we can offer any combination of lodging, meals, and programming as a part of a rental with us. These are all available as a la carte options or can be combined in our package pricing for a discount. You can also rent a space to make your own meals at our Wrangler Retreat Center.

Please refer to our Rates and Information Sheet for a full description of rental options.

How many people can you accommodate?

We can accommodate up to 200 people in heated cabins in our main camp area. Our Wrangler Retreat Center can accommodate up to 60 people. For more information about our exact cabin capacity, view our Rates and Information Sheet for specific cabin information.

How are the beds/cabins arranged?

While all of our cabins are a little different, for the most part, our cabins our set up with 2 large rooms with 8-10 twin-sized beds (some as bunk beds and some as not) and 1 small room with 2-3 twin-sized beds. Most cabins have sinks, toilets, and showers in a separate but nearby building, while our Wrangler Retreat Center includes bathrooms within the cabin. For more information about our cabin layouts, please refer to our Rates and Information Sheet.

What should I bring to Camp Sealth?

The most important thing to know is that Camp Sealth does not provide any bedding for any rental guests so all guests must bring a sleeping bag, sheets, pillow, and any other bedding items they might want themselves. Otherwise, other important things to bring are weather-appropriate clothes to layer, rain gear, a water bottle, and a flashlight.

What is the role of an Outdoor Education chaperone?

Chaperones are an important part of a successful school retreat to Camp Sealth. They will support students in achieving their learning objectives and help maintain a safe environment for everyone throughout the experience. View our Teacher & Chaperone Guide to prepare yourself for your experience!

How accessible is Camp Sealth?

While we maintain inclusivity as one of the pillars of our organizational mission, we acknowledge that we are continuing to grow in this area as well. Camp Sealth is located in a large valley with many of the buildings and program areas spread out from one another which require 2-15 minute walks to travel between them. These trails and walkways involve uneven dirt, gravel, and muddy surfaces and many of them are uphill. Some of our buildings are wheelchair accessible but not all of them. We are happy to provide accommodations where we are able so please reach out to us with any questions.

Can you accommodate dietary needs like vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, dairy-free, and food allergies?

Yes, we collect information about your group’s dietary needs before you arrive so that we can offer alternative options at each meal. You can view a Sample Menu of our food service offering to see what kinds of meals are generally offered as a part of the program.

Camp Sealth will provide nutritional and filling alternatives as needed for gluten-free, dairy-free, vegetarian, and vegan diets, as well as for most major food allergies. Please keep in mind that special diet alternatives may differ from the main menu and we do not provide an exact substitution for every single menu item.

Due to supplier and kitchen infrastructure limitations, we cannot accommodate diets such as: strict Kosher or halal diets, all-organic or non-GMO, keto, paleo, and highly restrictive diets with multiple allergies. Additionally, while we make every effort to avoid cross-contamination, we cannot guarantee that the kitchen and dining hall service is allergen-free.

If anyone from your group has a concern about their dietary needs, they are encouraged to reach out to us at least two weeks prior to the event to receive specific details about what we can accommodate. All participants are welcome to bring and store their own food at Camp Sealth if needed.

What programming do you offer?

We offer a variety of environmental science curricula, team building activities, and traditional camp activities as a part of our programming. View all of our Curricula & Activities for more information!


Please contact our Outdoor Education and Retreats Director directly with your questions or submit the Retreats Inquiry Form and begin the process of planning your trip to Camp Sealth!

Robin Dein
Outdoor Education & Retreats Director
(206) 463-3174 Ext 34,