Meet Our Staff


Rick Taylor Headshot

Rick Taylor, Executive Director
(206) 826-8926,

Rick joined Camp Fire in 2007 as our Director of Camping & Outdoor Education and has served as Executive Director for the past 5 years.  He brings more than 30 years experience directing camps across the country.  Rick & his wife have three grown children and live at Camp Sealth with their dog, Pippin.  Rick believes that Camp Fire’s commitment to inclusivity and empowering youth in small group settings is what makes it such a great organization to be a part of.

kristen cookKristen Cook, Director of Donor Relations 
(206) 826-8931,

Kristen has been with Camp Fire since 2013.  A New York State transplant, she brings more than 16 years experience in fund development and nonprofit management.  She shares a home with her husband, a temperamental Tabby cat and numerous plants.  On most days you can find her exploring the many incredible trails around the Pacific Northwest.   Kristen applauds Camp Fire’s commitment to incorporating kids with special needs into each of their programs.

Program Staff

Carrie K Staff Photo

Carrie Kishline, Summer Camp Director
(206) 463-3174, ext. 35,

Carrie, otherwise known as “Carebear”, has more than ten years experience working at Camp Sealth and attended camp as a child and counselor. She lives at camp with her husband, son and pets: Peanut, Apple, and Aine .  She enjoys spending time at camp with her younger brother Peter who has special needs. Carrie “loves seeing kids grow and watching them become stronger, more compassionate and more capable versions of themselves. Everyday, I’m amazed that I get to be a part of that transformation.”

Meaghan Baumgartner, Summer Camp Program Manager
(206) 463-3174 ext 44,

Meaghan, camp  name “Burro”, is back with Camp Sealth after a 2 year hiatus as a 911 operator. She’s worked previously with both our Outdoor Education & Summer programs and grew up as a Camp Fire youth herself. She’s been in the camping field for 15 years and currently serves as the Professional Development Chair for ACA Evergreen Region. Her other role’s include wife, dog mom, horse enthusiast and a chronic reader of multiple books at once. Meaghan feels passionately about Camp Fire’s commitment to inclusive programs and continuously strives to “find a way for every youth and family to have access to a positive and impactful outdoor experience.”

Chantal Jackson Picture

Chantel Jackson, Food Service Manager
(206) 463-3174 ext 25,

Chef Chantel  “The Lunch Lady” Jackson is a Hilltop, Tacoma  Washington Native. Her culinary journey started way back in private elementary school where on her way to recess she passed by the kitchen and saw the lunch lady preparing the meal for the day. A sprinkle of this, a touch of this it was like magic! She asked to volunteer in the kitchen and hasn’t left sense and to this day she still is great friends with her lunch lady.  Chantel shares, “I stand by Camp Fire’s mission to help all youth  discover their spark, and it’s my mission to FEED their flames.”


Kerrie Sampelayo, Day Camp Manager & Data Specialist
(206) 826-8941,

A 3rd generation Camp Fire member, Kerrie has served as our day camp manager since 2012. Also known as “Bob” she enjoys hiking, geocaching and traveling in her spare time. She also serves as a volunteer Co-Leader of a Horizon Camp Fire group.

Rebecca Bobko, Director of Community Programs
(206) 826-8934,

After growing up as a Camp Sealth camper, Rebecca has held a variety of positions for Camp Fire. She is currently serving as the Director of Community Programs working with our School Year Youth Program, Teen Leadership programs, and our various community outreach projects. Also known as “Plaid”, she enjoys DIY crafting and spending time with her wife Claire. She adds, “I find it incredibly rewarding to help our youth realize their full potential and build upon their leadership skills year after year. Camp Fire puts the interests and passions of its youth in the center and helps them grow through hands-on leadership, trial and error, relationship-building and fun! Much of this work is done through the help of our talented volunteers who we greatly appreciate!”

Alex Kirschner, Community Programs Manager
(206) 826-8919,

Alex joined the Camp Fire Seattle office in 2018 after having spent a summer working as an Assistant Camp Director at Camp Sealth. Before joining Camp Fire, Alex worked at an Outdoor Education Institute in California for a year as a Senior Instructor. A southeast Indiana native, Alex graduated from Marian University in Indianapolis with a B.S. in Secondary Education and Biology. In his down time, Alex can be found exploring parks and hikes around the Seattle area, listening to podcasts, and watching sporting events, especially those involving Cincinnati sports teams.

Ali Fuller, Community Programs Manager
(206) 826-8980,

Ali joined the Camp Fire Seattle office in March of 2019. A Minnesota native, Ali studied Government and Environmental Studies one state over at Lawrence University in Appleton, Wisconsin. After graduating, she held positions at several nonprofits throughout the country which focused on youth and the outdoors. Most recently, she instructed at an outdoor school in Southern California. In her free time, she can be found running, hiking, doing arts and crafts, and adventuring around the Pacific Northwest. Ali values that Camp Fire provides youth of all backgrounds the opportunity to better themselves, the environment, and their communities by connecting them to the outdoors, completing service projects, and developing leadership skills.

Megan Muma Headshot

Megan Muma, Assistant Camp Director
(206) 463-3174 ext. 32,

Megan joined the Camp Fire team in 2018 after graduating from Central Michigan University, where she studied Outdoor and Environmental Recreation.  A west Michigan native, Megan has spent time working for various YMCA camps across the state. Megan enjoys spending her free time exploring the Pacific Northwest, taking pictures, crafting, boating, and taking care of her two fish, puppy Charlie and countless succulents.

Administration & Finance Staff

Gloria Cross Headshot

Gloria Cross, Accounting Supervisor
(206) 826-8956,

Gloria has been sharing her talents with Camp Fire since 2005.  Born in Jalisco, Mexico and raised in the San Diego area, she has made her home here in Seattle along with her husband Earl and their three children. An avid quilter and sports fan, she also volunteers for Seattle Works and Camp Korey.  Gloria adds, “I love the variety throughout the year, I enjoy & truly admire my co-workers and as someone who has experienced discrimination in the past, Camp Fire’s commitment to inclusivity is key to me.”

Staff Photos 08

Dana Aoyama, Human Resources & Accounting Specialist
(206) 826-8938,

Dana has worked for Camp Fire in a variety of positions for many years.  A WoHeLo awardee, she also attended Camp Sealth as a child and volunteered at our Day Camps. She adds, “Camp Fire is very close to my heart. I have always appreciated their commitment to inclusion and emphasis on leadership skills.”

Michael M Headshot Michael McGrath, Member Services Manager
(206) 826-8937,

Michael has worked with the Council in some capacity since the Summer of 2012, when he started as a summer camp staff member. Serving as Member Services Manager since October 2017, Michael, A.K.A “Chip,”  is dedicated to helping families get the most out of their Camp Fire experience. With a B.A. in Cultural Anthropology, Michael is passionate about cultural studies and social theory, and adds “Camp Fire’s determination to include all youth, from all cultural backgrounds, is a keystone value that makes it such a great organization to be apart of and contribute to.” Michael enjoys live music, HIIT fitness, and films.

Maintenance & Facilities

Chad Lawson

Chad Lawson, Facilities Manager
(206) 463-3174, ext. 24,

Chad has more than 20 years experience, with more than 10  working at Camp Sealth. Also know as “Pipeline”, he enjoys playing golf and watching sports in his spare time.  He resides at camp with his wife Carrie, son T. Frazier and pets.  His favorite part of working for Camp Fire is problem-solving and creating new opportunities for experiential education.