Little Stars Getting Started

Welcome to Camp Fire

Congratulations on choosing to have your child become an independent member. During the next 1-2 years you and your child will have fun playing games, cooking, singing, making art projects, and using both your imaginations. Your child will learn about good hygiene, staying safe, him/herself, feelings, the environment, animals, and good manners. Once your child starts Kindergarten you will move on to the Starflight Program.

Earning Emblems

There are 2 types of emblems that can be earned.

Little Stars Emblems

Little Stars Emblems are earned by completing any 3 meeting plans in in the same project. There are 13 different Little Stars projects which means they can earn 13 different emblems.

Little Stars Projects

All Ages Emblems

Children can also earn All Ages Emblems. Most of the All Ages awards and emblems can be earned annually. For example, many children enjoy earning the 4 different Celebrate the Seasons emblems every year.

All Ages Awards and Emblems

Buying Materials

In Camp Fire children Pre-K through 5th Grade display their emblems by sewing them onto a vest. To purchase a vest and emblems for you child please contact

Progress Tracker

Please use the progress tracker to help keep track of the completed activities. It will assist you in knowing which Little Stars emblems to order.

Coming Soon Progress Tracker

Using Curriculum

Our Little Stars curriculum was written for group leaders please see the Progress Tracker to make necessary adjustments to the meeting plans, so that projects can be completed. Most activities require minimal to no adjustments.