Day Camp Teens

Day Camp Counselor In Training (CIT)

Spend a week at Camp Fire Day Camp near you learning about what it takes to be a Day Camp Counselor. You’ll spend time with other CITs learning about leadership and working with kids while enjoying some of your favorite Day Camp activities. CITs will also get a chance to shadow Teen Counselors and their camper groups for part of the week to try out your new skills!

Tall Timbers Day Camp Staff Teen

Day Camp Aide (DCA)

9th-10th Grade: Join us as a Day Camp Aide! Help assist unit groups, lead activities, and learn new leadership skills.

Day Campers with counselor

Day Camp Head Counselor

11th-12th Grade: Become a Head Counselor! Lead a unit of campers while mentoring Day Camp Aides and helping around camp.

Staff helping camper at Woodland Park

Day Camp Adult Volunteers

There is a need for many different skill sets at Day Camp! Adults can volunteer at any of our Day Camp sites except for Camp Sealth as counselors, activity specialists, purchasers, equipment managers or health care managers.