Day Camp Site Director

Direct a one week day camp for children in grades K – 7 with volunteer adult and teen staff. Plan and conduct your day camp in accordance with Camp Fire philosophy, policies, standards and requirements. At least 2 prior seasons of administrative or supervisory experience in an organized camp required to apply. Role can be shared with a friend! (Compensation will be $500/$500.)

Job Title Day Camp: Volunteer Site Director
Department: Community Programs
Location: Seattle, WA
Reports To: Day Camp Director
Rate: $1,000 Stipend/session
Housing N/A

Essential Job Responsibilities

1.       Implements camp program by performing the following duties:
•       Coordinates with DCD, volunteers, and camp administration staff as needed
•       Facilitates communication between campers, parents and staff to address and resolve issues, as needed. Maintains on-going communication with DCD, registrars and volunteers
•       Maintains and reviews records, reports and evaluations of all programs and facilities to monitor camp operations. 
•       Ensures all permits and contracts are secured and in evidence while camp is in session

2.     Ensures safety, health and welfare of campers by performing the following functions:
•       Reviews and maintains health histories of all campers and staff and conveys pertinent health concerns to appropriate staff. Exercises confidentiality, as needed
•       Renders first aid as needed and isolates all cases of illness
•       Maintains an accurate written record of all injuries and illnesses and treatment rendered for each

3.     Supervises camp staff including the following functions:
•       Supervises counselors and volunteers providing training, direction, feedback, correction and evaluation of assigned staff
•       Provide needed direction and guidance to staff and program participants

4.     Acts as part of camp administrative team to ensure camp program meets all objectives and follows applicable standards and policies:
•      Implement camp program in accordance with the goals and policies of Camp Fire Central Puget Sound and American Camp Association standards
•       Follows all emergency procedures appropriate to Camp Fire Central Puget Sound and in conformity with the procedures adopted by the emergency service authorizes to ensure the safety of all members, volunteers and staff 

Skills and Qualifications

Camp Fire recognizes the value of skills and knowledge gained outside of formal higher education and paid employment. We believe that a diversity of professional and life experiences can lead to a well-rounded team.  Applicants who do not meet all of the qualifications listed below but present other relevant qualifications or experience will be considered.

We strongly encourage anyone who feels passionate about this work, has a strong desire to grow their skills, and believes they have what it takes to thrive in this role to apply. Applicants of non-dominant cultures are welcome and encouraged to apply.


•       Must be at least 25 years of age
•       Demonstrated experience and knowledge of day camp management
•       COVID-19 Vaccination required
•       Ability to supervise staff and volunteers with the support of the Day Camp Director
•       Excellent interpersonal and communication skills to work effectively in a team setting with diverse persons
•       Pleasant, positive and confident presentation of self and council
•       Incorporates understanding of child development and age-appropriate behaviors
•       Ability to maintain confidentiality
•       Ability to work independently and exercise good judgment
•       Awareness of potential health and safety hazards and consult Day Camp Director as needed
•       Valid drivers’ license, proof of insurance and access to reliable transportation


•      Project Management
•      Attention to detail
•      Problem Solving
•      Oral and Written Communication
•      Take initiative in making decisions
•       Demonstrated ability to work under minimal supervision
•       Conflict Management
•       Customer Responsiveness
•       Interpersonal Relations

Physical Abilities

•       Standing for long periods of time
•       Ability to lift and carry 25 pounds
•       Repetitive motions of hands/wrists
•       Visual/auditory ability to identify and respond to environmental and other hazards of the site and facilities
•       Ability to communicate in English, both orally and written

Commitment to Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Camp Fire strives to continuously provide diverse, inclusive, and equitable environments throughout our organizations and programs. We recognize that both access to and success in our programs requires intentional work, to cultivate respect, eliminate systemic barriers, and address injustice head on.  We at Camp Fire believe that words must be followed by progress, action, and accountability. We recognize that our efforts will be ongoing and evolving as we continue to grow, learn, collaborate, and press for an equitable future.

Currently looking to fill:

8 am to 4 pm at Carkeek Park.

July 10th – 14th
July 17th – 21st
July 24th – 28th
July 31st – August 4th
August 7th – 11th
August 14th – 18th
August 21st – 25th

How to Apply

Please send a letter of interest to:


Please contact Corey Gerberdolan at