Day Camp Rover


Rovers are basically our jack of all trades and are called upon to assist Site Directors as needed. Duties can include a Registration Assistant, Purchaser Assistant, Equipment Supervisor, Counselor, Specialist, Extended Care etc.  You may hold one position throughout the week or fill in for many different positions depending on the camp’s needs. Job sites include Carkeek Park and Woodland Park.


  • Leadership and guidance of a group of 6 – 10 campers during the Extended Care program, before and after regular day camp hours.
  • Take on roles as assigned by the Site Director; counselor, head table assistant, craft specialist, purchaser assistant, equipment supervisor or health manager.
  • General planning of camp program.


  • With a group of campers, plan and carry out a camping program built on appreciation and preservation of the natural resources of the camp site and surroundings.
  • Work closely with Site Director in coordinating activities of the group, and ongoing evaluation of program effectiveness.
  • Guide the individual camper in participation in group, unit and all-camp activities.
  • Assist with all-camp program activities and other camp-wide activities as assigned.
  • Interpret to children and enforce safety and health regulations.
  • Prepare group evaluations as required.


  • At least 18 years of age:
    Have completed one of the following at a Camp Fire or other agency camp:
    i.     One year as a Day Camp junior staff.
    ii.     One year Counselor in Training (CIT) or Counselor Assistant Training (CAT)
    iii.     Other leadership training experience related to children.
  • Willingness to accept supervision and coaching to improve effectiveness.
  • Willingness to accept his/her share of camp responsibilities.
  • A personal philosophy of camping which recognizes the values which the camper can gain through group living as well as participation in varied activities.
  • Must attend and participate in Day Camp Staff Training .  Your application form includes a space to document other relevant training you have had in the past 12 months.