Day Camp Health Care Assistant



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Camp Fire Central Puget Sound operates youth programming year-round throughout King, Kitsap and North Mason counties. This position will support our Day Camp department, serving our summer Day Camp program at Carkeek Park and Woodland Park.

Help create a welcoming environment for campers and staff at the First Aid station. Support the rotating health care staff, ensure policies are followed, maintain health records and manage camper medications. Administer first aid and help the general wellbeing of all participants.


In cooperation with the volunteer Day Camp Health Care Provider and Site Director, carry out a program to protect health and safety of campers and staff as outlined in “Procedures for Health Supervision” (In Site Record Book and Camp Health Manager’s Manual) and the Day Camp Health Care Plan. Insure all paperwork is properly filled out, recording each visit by participants in the log book.


  • To provide first aid as needed, dispense medication as indicated, follow Council’s suggested treatment procedures, or as revised by the physician contacted by the Camp Health Manger.
  • During pre-camp training, discuss health and safety procedures, precautions, routines with the staff.  Guide the counselors in regard to their responsibilities in noting and reporting illness, injury or unsafe practices and conditions that might contribute to camper or staff accidents.
  • Begin health supervision as soon as participants arrive on site and continue until all participants have left for the day. Assist in staffing the First Aid Station such that it never is left unattended.
  • Review health histories of all persons on site prior to first day. Share pertinent information with counselor or staff involved and train them to handle potential emergencies related to a known health condition, e.g., epilepsy, diabetes, allergic reactions, at the on-site training or prior to the first day.
  • See that ALL medications on site are turned in and kept in a locked container when not under your direct supervision.
  • Keep complete and careful records of all treatment of campers and staff and any medications dispensed as per ACA standards.
  • Assist Site Director in completing incident reports when appropriate.
  • Manage and maintain the group backpacks; ensuring that the first aid kit in each pack is complete prior to each morning of camp.
  • Instruct counselors in accident procedures.
  • Monitor shelf life of epinephrine kit. Ensure that storage conditions protect from light, heat and cold.
  • At the end of camp, make written evaluation of health and safety programs in camp and submit to your Day Camp Site Director.
  • Provide copies of appropriate licenses or certifications to the day camp Site Director.
  • Other duties as assigned by the day camp Site Director.


  • Be a Standard First Aider with a current certification in Adult and Pediatric First Aid/CPR.
  • Sufficient emotional stability to meet emergencies with poise and wisdom.
  • Be at least 19 years of age.