Day Camp Head Table Assistant



We inspire and enable youth of all backgrounds and abilities to discover their spark, value the natural world, and become tomorrow’s leaders, today.


Camp Fire Central Puget Sound operates youth programming year-round throughout King, Kitsap and North Mason counties. This position will support our Day Camp department, serving our summer Day Camp program at Carkeek Park and Woodland Park.

Assist in the daily operation of camp by overseeing the organization of Head Table, ensuring all paperwork is in order. Interact with all participants, giving camper groups awards for completing tasks, assisting volunteers with questions, and accepting treats (such as ice cream and pie iron pizzas) made by campers.

RESPONSIBLE TO:               Under the supervision of the Site Director


Work with the Site Director to ensure quality of program offered at the camp, in accordance with Camp Fire philosophy and objectives, and ACA standards.
Maintain all paperwork, ensuring all forms, sign in/out sheets, and evaluations are completed properly.
Assist Site Director in preparing evaluations and statistical reports as required by the Council.

  1. Assist the Site Director in completing the pre camp paperwork.
  2. During staff training ensure that all skill verification forms and special program operating procedures have been completed.
  3. Conduct the safety walk of camp each morning prior to camper arrival and complete the daily maintenance procedure form.
  4. Ensure all staff has signed in each morning and each afternoon, calling any staff that has yet to arrive by start time or who has left without signing out.
  5. Organize the Camper Attendance clipboards, ensuring that each camper has a Camper Release form and is signed in and out each day. Calling any
  6. Parent/Guardians of campers who have not arrived, unless absence is known.
  7. Ensure that all special activity permission forms have been received for special activities (such as overnight).
  8. Prior to camper sign out, collect any Boo Boo Notices from the Health Manager and ensure that they are given to the correct counselor.
  9. Assist in being responsible for the general physical condition of camp once it is in operation (cleanliness, repairs or maintenance, and safety).
  10. Ensure that all evaluation forms are completed and collected at the end of each session.
  11. Assist Site Director with other assigned duties.


  • Able to see.
  • Able to read, speak and understand English.
  • Excellent Organizational Skills
  • Able to ensure safety of campers and assist campers in an emergency.
  • Able to demonstrate sensitivity to the needs of campers, interact appropriately with campers in a variety of situations, appropriately model behavior and use positive behavior management techniques.
  • Demonstrate respectful interactions with all others in all communications and functions as a representative of Camp Fire, an organization that supports diversity and cultural competence and expects its staff and volunteers to act in a culturally competent and inclusive manner.


  • At least 20 years of age.
  • Must attend and participate in Day Camp Staff Training. Your application form includes a space to document other relevant training you have had in the past 12 months.
  • Certification or documentation of skill and experience.
  • Current Pediatric and Adult First Aid/CPR certification