Camp Sealth Alumni Volunteers

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Why volunteer at camp?

If you experienced camp as a camper or working as a staff member, you understand just how magical and transformative the experience can be for a young person. Alumni volunteers play a critical role in running camp by filling in the gaps and taking on tasks to help lighten the load for the full-summer staff. By engaging alumni as volunteers, we also help bridge the differences between multiple generations, share stories, songs, and traditions, and give you a chance to relive your camp experience in a way the supports today’s kids and staff.

What are the options?

Alumni can volunteer a full week of camp (or more!), or just for one day or a single event, depending on your interest and availability. Here are some options:

  • Volunteer for one week as a guest staff member; you’ll be placed in a role that matches your abilities and camp’s need for staff, such as “roving”, inclusion (supporting kids with disabilities), kitchen, store, or teaching an activity like nature or arts & crafts.
  • Attend our one-day “Alumni Day” during staff training – help out with a service project or two and attend a special alumni social event.
  • Host a summer staff social on a Saturday at the end of  camp session during the summer to give our staff a boost!
  • Adopt a Staff – help us with a special project to give our staff extra love and support throughout the summer by sending a letter and care package. This is a great option if you live away from the PNW and can’t get here in person.

How do I sign up?

If you’re interested in a short-term or one-day project like Alumni Day or Adopt-A-Staff, watch out in our Alumni Newsletter for details or follow our Camp Sealth Facebook Page.

To volunteer for a full week or more during the summer, complete the Volunteer Application and also read through the details below.

Volunteer Application

Summer Volunteers Details


To volunteer for a week during summer camp, you must be at least 18 years old and have worked on the Camp Sealth staff for at least one summer (some exceptions can be made – contact us if interested). You need to be able to commit to a full camp session (typically Monday to Saturday, or Wednesday to Saturday for a short session), pass a background check, and attend a one-hour virtual training session prior to volunteering. In addition, we are requiring that all camp staff and volunteers are up to date on their COVID vaccination, including any boosters if eligible. Current CPR/First Aid certification is recommended but not required.


Summer camp sessions run from July 6 to August 27, with most sessions starting on Monday and ending Saturday. Our biggest need for volunteers is the end of the summer (Sessions 6, 7, and 8) when some of our staff start to leave to go back to school.

View the 2022 Summer Camp Schedule


Alumni volunteers will be placed in a role that matches your skills/interest and the needs of camp during the week you attend. We often will not know exactly where you’ll be placed until the week before (and it might even change up to the start of the session). The most common placements for volunteers are “roving”, Inclusion (supporting kids with disabilities), kitchen, Grubstake, store, or teaching activities such as arts & crafts or nature. If you work in a health care field and are currently licensed as a medical professional, you might also consider volunteering as a health care staff.

The Process

First, fill out the Volunteer Application online. The camp staff will contact you to confirm dates and details, then send you a Volunteer Agreement. At the start of summer, you’ll be invited to join a one-hour virtual training (required) – we’ll send you a couple of different date options. We will also confirm the rest of your paperwork, including background check and vaccination record. Then about one week before your session begins, we’ll be in contact with more details about what job you’ll likely be doing, where you’ll stay, and when to arrive.


There is no tuition exchange or other form of payment for volunteering for a week (although we may be able to offer it in the future – stay tuned!) However, if you are able to commit to 3 or more weeks, we can pay you for your time.


Contact Carrie Lawson at with any questions about alumni volunteer opportunities.