Covid-19 Latest Updates

Program Update

We are thrilled to be open and welcoming kids back to Day Camp and to overnight camp at Camp Sealth! The 2021 Summer Calendar is now available, and camp registration is open.

We feel that it’s important to be transparent about the changes that we’ll need to make in our programs. Visit our Camp Sealth and COVID-19 page and Day Camp COVID-19 page for important updates and changes being made for summer 2021.


I requested a deferral of my 2020 funds, but my child won’t be attending camp in 2021. Can I defer to next year?

If you have a credit on your account from a cancelled 2020 program, you have until the end of this year (December 31, 2021) to use that credit. You can use the credit for any 2021 program offered by Camp Fire Central Puget Sound including day and overnight camp, cabin rentals, family camps, club program registration, or any other programs we offer. You can use the credit on a 2022 program if registration for that program opens before the end of 2021 (such as overnight camp at Camp Sealth). Your credit will expire on December 31 if not used by then.

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