The Camp Sealth photographer takes and uploads pictures of camp every day, and there are two options for you to view them:

  • Create an account with Waldo Photos and use their facial recognition software to get photos of your child sent right to your phone!
  • Or, view our free web album to view, download, and share all of the camp pictures.

Please be patient, as it takes time to upload pictures. Photos are uploaded at the end of every day of camp. Keep in mind that with over 300 kids in camp, your child may not be in photos every day.

Free Web Album

You also have access to the free web album, which you can view at and enter the code you received in your e-mail or at check-in. For security purposes, we don’t post the code on our website.

Waldo Photos

We’ve partnered with Waldo Photos, a photo delivery service where you can get all the photos of your camper delivered straight to your phone. No more hunting and pecking through hundreds of photos every night! This optional service, offered by Waldo Photos, uses facial recognition to match your camper’s face to photos in our album, and then sends them to you via fun and friendly text messages. Learn how it works in this quick video.

To enroll, you’ll find the instructions and the code to register in your one-month camp reminder e-mails. It will also be provided to you at check-in. The cost per camper is $14.99 for a regular week ($7.99 for a short week, and $24.99 for a two-week program). And, 50% of the cost goes to camper scholarships at Camp Sealth!

Waldo FAQs

Need help? Waldo’s here for you. You can also email any time you have a question!

Who’s Waldo?

A photo-finding phenom who uses facial recognition to find all your camper’s photos in the camp album and then delivers them to your phone via the Waldo App, with notifications for new photos.

How does Waldo work?

You submit a photo of your camper’s face and enroll in the service. Waldo does the rest – matching that photo to all the photos in our camp album and sending you all YOUR camper’s photos to your phone via the Waldo App.

How do I sign up?

Click Here or text the join code to 735-343. To get the join code, see the info sheet that we gave to parents at check-in, or call us at 206 463 3174. For security purposes, we don’t post the code on our website.

I texted the Join Code to your number, and got no response. What now?

Sorry for the trouble! Be sure you are spelling the code correctly. Then, try texting that Join Code in to our longer phone number instead:  (512) 308-3535.

I have an international number, can I still text in the enroll?

Yes you can! Just text the Join Code to our long number instead: (512) 308-3535. Also, once you enroll and download the Waldo App, be sure to turn on Push Notifications. This will turn off the text notifications (and any text charges). You can do this in the app by clicking the yellow Waldo face in the top left corner, and click Enable Push Notifications.

Where do I Log In?

You actually do not have a login anywhere for Waldo. To view the photos, you can sign up for our optional service, and then view the photos in the Waldo App.

I have used Waldo before, do I need to sign up again?

We are so glad you chose to use Waldo again to find your photos! Each year, you will need to enroll again following the same steps: by texting in the new Join Code to our number and following the prompts. Be sure to add a more recent selfie of your camper. After you finish, in the Waldo App, you will still be able to see all past photos you have received from Waldo.

Will I get to see all the camp photos in addition to the ones of my camper?

Yes you will! When you download the free Waldo app, you can toggle between “My Photos” and “All Photos”. To see all the camp photos, just click on All Photos and scroll to your heart’s desire.

Can I easily share all the photos with my family?

Great news for you! The Waldo app allows you to invite up to 6 family members to your camper’s photo stream. That means they can get the same photo alerts and see all your camper’s photos, too.

I’m not signing up for the photo delivery service but I still want to see the camp photos. Possible?

You betcha. While Waldo loves to find and send you photos, he also provides a free web gallery for you to view the photos online. You can view, download, and share photos from the web gallery. Click here to access the gallery. Contact camp at 206 463 3174 for the join code (for security purposes, we don’t post it on our website).

I signed up for the service but I’m not getting any matches yet. What’s Waldo doing?

Waldo is stressing. No photos can mean a couple things: 1) There are no photos of your camper yet in the album or 2) Your submitted selfie is blurry, dark, or unclear and Waldo is having a hard time matching it. Email for quick help or submit another selfie inside the Waldo App.

Will Waldo share my selfie or matched photos with the world?

No way! Waldo respects your privacy! Your photos will only be accessible by you. (And you had to enter your camp join code and a pin code verification to even access the photos.) It’s up to you whether you want to share your photos with the world.

Can I order prints?

Yep! You can order prints from the Waldo app or the web gallery.

Camp Fire’s Photo Privacy & Sharing Policy

By registering your child for camp, you give us permission to take your child’s photo and use it for print media and online marketing. Additionally, other families will have access to your child’s photo and it may be shared through social media. If you would prefer not to have your child’s photo shared, you must contact us at (206) 463-3174 or prior to the start of the camp session, and send us a written request. If you opt out of photo sharing, your child won’t appear in any photos on our web album, including in their cabin group photo.