Email & Mail

Overnight camp is all about independence! At Camp Sealth, we strive to help parents stay in touch with their kids without disrupting the camp experience. Camp is a very busy place for campers and staff. While we make every effort to distribute mail, e-mail, and packages every day, it may take a full day or more for your mail to reach your child.


Through your account, you can also send one-way e-mails to your camper. E-mails are printed out every day and distributed with the snail mail. Campers do not have access to computers to send return e-mail.

Sending Mail

Snail mail is fun to receive at camp! Parents can send letters ahead of time or give them to camp staff at check-in to hand out during camp to ensure they arrive on time.

If sending care packages, please read the following:

  • To discourage raccoons and rodents from getting into cabins, and to help us manage camper allergies, we prefer that you not send food or candy.
  • If you must send food, please do not send items with peanuts, nuts, or nut oil, as we are a peanut-free camp. Food and candy will be kept by counselors and distributed at an appropriate time.
  • Send enough for the entire cabin to share (about 8 kids). Non-food ideas for care packages include playing cards, books, drawing materials, games, stuffed animals, and toys.

US Postal Service Address

Camper’s Name
Session #
Camp Sealth
P.O. Box 13599
Burton, WA  98013

Fed-Ex or UPS Address

Camper’s Name
Session #
Camp Sealth
14500 SW Camp Sealth Road
Vashon, WA  98070


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