Kiwanis – Camp Fire Central Puget Sound
Camp Sealth
Dates or Sessions
Sessions 2, 4, 5 & 7
$1,225 - $1,425

Dates & Rates

  1. Kiwanis Session 2July 8 – July 13
    Camp Sealth$1225
  2. Kiwanis Session 4July 22 – July 27
    Camp Sealth$1225
  3. Kiwanis Session 5July 29 – August 3
    Camp Sealth$1225
  4. Kiwanis Session 7August 12 – August 17
    Camp Sealth$1225

Kiwanis is all about being on the water! Kiwanis campers join a long tradition of boating on the Puget Sound and living out in the woods in this unique unit. Spend your days on the water, evenings looking at bioluminescent algae, and nights sleeping in the historical Kiwanis Lodge, bunk bed style. A highlight of the Kiwanis program is spending a full day learning sailing from certified instructors with the Quartermaster Yacht Club.

Please note, Kiwanis operates as a gender-inclusive program, where all genders will share their living space of Kiwanis Lodge together.

What to Expect

Most of the week will be spent on the water – learning water sports skills and enjoying the sparkling Salish Sea. The schedule is flexible, allowing for campers to have maximum input on which activities they’ll take part in.

Activity instruction is at a beginner level, so campers who have limited boating experience will be comfortable. There will also be opportunities to learn more advanced skills and earn waterfront progression emblems.

A good portion of every day will be spent on the water. Specific water activities include:

  • Canoeing
  • Paddle boarding
  • Windsurfing
  • Sailing
  • Kayaking or Funyaking
  • A day or overnight canoe trip – either to the “Big Rock” at the end of Sealth’s property or to nearby Vashon Park, Lisabuela.


During each week, campers will spend a day at Quartermaster Yacht Club on Vashon Island, learning basic sailing from certified instructors.

What to Bring

In addition to the regular Camp Sealth packing list, Kiwanis campers should bring:

  • Sunglasses
  • Extra swimsuit and towel – swimsuits should be appropriate for being active in/on the water and participating in water sports.
  • Optional: Wet suit (Only if you have one – please do not buy one just for camp. Sealth has wet suits for kids to borrow).

Requirements & Safety

Since so much time will be spent in and on the water, Kiwanis campers need to be proficient swimmers and will need to pass a swim test. Kids should be able to swim 50 yards without a life jacket and tread water.

Water activities are supervised by staff certified in life guarding and trained in boating safety. Sailing is led by instructors with US Sailing Level 1 or higher certification. Life jackets are always worn in boats. Please note: all water activities take place in the Puget Sound, which is quite cold. Staff will take steps to avoid hypothermia.