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Grade: 7-10Location: Camp SealthDate(s): Sessions 1, 3, 6 & 8Cost: $605- $1135

Campers by the campfireIn Nocturnal Camp, kids get a chance to learn about the nighttime world and explore camp while everyone else is sleeping. Lots of the traditional camp activities are done late at night, plus a few things that are reserved just for Nocturnal. Nocturnal kids will stay up late each night and sleep in every morning.

What to Expect

Nocturnal Camp lives in a tent unit in a remote part of camp. Much of the nighttime hours will be spent outdoors, exploring camp at night and doing most (if not all) of these late-night activities:

  • Night hikes
  • Astronomy
  • Midnight paddle boarding or canoeing
  • Night photography
  • Campfires, songs & stories
  • Nighttime challenge course, arts & crafts, and archery
  • Cookout challenge

Sleep Schedule

For the shorter week (Sessions 1 & 6), campers will stay up just a few hours late, until between 12 – 1 a.m., and sleep in a few hours in the morning. On longer weeks (6-day program), campers will adjust their sleep schedule a little later each night, and on the last night will stay up all night, then sleep the rest of the day.

Camper posing for night photographyWhat To Bring

In addition to the regular Camp Sealth packing list, Nocturnal campers should make sure to bring:

  • Sunglasses (to help simulate darkness during daylight hours)
  • Headlamp
  • Warm clothes for nighttime activities
  • Optional: eye mask and ear plugs for sleeping during the day


All activities are led by trained and certified instructors, and special measures will be taken to ensure safety for activities facilitated in the dark. Campers are well supervised and stay together as a group during daylight and nighttime hours.