Camp Sealth LEAD Program

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Grade: 11-12Location: Camp SealthDate(s): Required training week (June 28 - July 3); plus additional volunteer weeks

Regardless of acceptance or participation in any program in 2020, teens are eligible to apply for whichever program best matches their interest, age, and availability. If you were accepted to the LEAD program in 2020, we encourage you to apply for a KA/Rover staff position; however, if you choose to apply to the same program again, we will prioritize your acceptance in 2021. There are no placement guarantees – you will need to apply again.


Learn the challenges and rewards of being a Camp Sealth staff member through this volunteer, junior staff position. You’ll assist counselors, activity specialists, and support staff while learning about all aspects of the job. LEADs, standing for Lead, Engage, Act, and Discover, attend one week of training at the beginning of the summer and then volunteer for up to four additional sessions throughout the summer. As volunteers, LEADs are placed as assistant cabin leaders, activity leaders, and support staff.


Camp Sealth LEADs must be entering grades 11 or 12 in fall 2021. Prior completion of the CIT/RSIT program is highly recommended but not required. In addition, we strongly recommend that LEAD applicants participate in Camp Fire’s school-year Teen Programs, or similar/comparable programs focusing on leadership and community service.

What to Expect

After completing the training week, LEADs will then volunteer for two, three, or four additional weeks throughout the summer. These weeks are coordinated in advance, and you may choose the weeks that you volunteer – they do not need to be consecutive. We can’t guarantee your first choice for volunteer sessions, but we will make every effort to work with your schedule.

During the volunteer sessions, each week will be a little different. Generally, every LEAD spends one week as a Counselor LEAD (working with a cabin group), one week as a Specialist LEAD (leading activities), and one week as a Support LEAD (assisting in the kitchen, maintenance, store, health center, or other support role). LEADs are assigned to one staff member, and will participate in all aspects of their job.

Training & Cost

LEAD Training Week (Required for Camp Sealth LEADs)

June 28 – July 3

Camp Sealth LEADs must attend a required training week at cost of $200/300/400 (tiered pricing options). (The training week fee can be waived for anyone who needs it.) There are no additional fees for your volunteer weeks. This training week includes extensive leadership training to prepare LEADs for their time at Camp Sealth as well as in future leadership roles. LEADs will learn job readiness skills for working with children, time management, outdoor leadership, team building and goal setting, as well as development of their personal leadership skills. The training week also includes hands-on experience with all the fun activities Camp Sealth has to offer!

Service Hours

Since the Camp Sealth LEAD is a volunteer position, you will earn service hours for your work at camp upon successful completion of the program. LEADs can earn up to 12 hours a day for volunteer weeks (not including the training week).

How to Apply

The application deadline is April 16, 2021. However, we recommend applying as soon as possible.

To apply for the Camp Sealth LEAD Program:

  • Complete the online LEAD Application Form
  • Submit your answers to the Supplemental Questions (instructions are in the application) to
  • Have three reference forms completed by teachers, coaches, clergy, supervisors, or advisors (send the link to your references)
  • Complete an interview with the Camp Sealth staff – you will be contacted to schedule the interview shortly after your application is received

Notification of acceptance into the LEAD Program will take place when the application, interview, and all three references are complete.

Application Note: The LEAD program fosters independence, leadership, and job skills in teens. All parts of the application must be completed by the teen applicant, not by their parents/guardians.  If we determine that an application has been completed by a parent, the applicant will not be accepted.


Criteria for Acceptance

Application for the LEAD program at Camp Sealth can be competitive. Pay close attention to the application requirements listed below. Applicants do not need to have been a previous participant at Camp Sealth or in Camp Fire programs, although previous completion of the CIT/RSIT program and/or participation in Camp Fire’s school-year Teen Programs will increase your chances of acceptance.

We also highly recommend that the teen applicant, rather than the parent, communicate with camp staff during the application process.


  • Entering grades 11-12 in fall 2021
  • All parts of the application completed on time, with thorough and thoughtful responses:
    • Online application form
    • Supplemental Questions
    • Three references


  • Previous completion of the CIT/RSIT program
  • Participation in Camp Fire’s school-year Teen Programs during the 2020-2021 school year, OR comparable leadership and community service experience

Characteristics we look for

  • Demonstrated experience with leadership and community service
  • Interest in personal growth and a willingness to accept feedback
  • Experience working with younger children
  • Ability to work cooperatively in a team
  • Ability to commit to the entire program
  • Willingness to learn