Lil’ Buckaroos

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Grade: 3-6Location: Camp SealthDate(s): Session 5Cost: $725 and up

We kindly request that  an individual camper registers for no more than two Overnight Camp sessions. This policy does not apply to our Day Camp programs.


Lil’ Buckaroos is an intro horse program for kids who aren’t ready for a whole week of horse camp. Kids will get a chance to groom and feed horses, interact with horses from the ground, spend a little time learning riding basics in the arena, and then wrap up the week with a trail ride.

Small child riding horse lil buckarooWhat to Expect

Due to the short nature of the program, Lil’ Buckaroos has little formal riding instruction beyond the basic safety rules necessary for a trail ride; actual riding time is about 2 hours total. Campers will get a chance to interact with and learn about horses from the ground, including grooming, feeding, ground lessons, and some barn chores. In addition, Lil’ Buckaroos will participate in all the other Classic Camp activities open to their age group.

What to Bring

Lil’ Buckaroos should bring a pair of long pants (jeans are great) for riding and sturdy, close-toed shoes. Kids can bring riding boots if they have them, but do not go out of your way to bring them. If you provide your own boots, they must have a heel (1/2″ to 3/4″) and no tread. Camp has a supply of boots to borrow.


Campers are required to wear helmets when riding, which we provide. Camp Sealth’s horse instructors are experienced riders who undergo extensive training. We meet or exceed all horse program standards from the American Camp Association and have an excellent safety record. Sealth owns its own herd of horses who are calm and friendly, and have been working with children for many years.