Camp Sealth offers tiered pricing as a way for families to invest in our camp and facilities. By offering three voluntary price options, you can choose to pay the option that best fits your family’s financial situation. The choice is voluntary, confidential, and will not impact your child’s camp experience in any way.

Tier C: Tier C represents the full cost of operating camp, including not only the basic costs of camp but also long-term maintenance and wear and tear to the camp facilities.

Tier B: Tier B covers the basic costs of camp and contributes to covering long-term facility costs.

Tier A: Tier A is the cost which most closely aligns with our traditional pricing structure and covers the basic costs of camp including food, staff, supplies, transportation, and other operational costs.

Camp Fire Central Puget Sound remains committed to providing a high-quality summer camp experience to every child, regardless of financial situation. We offer financial assistance of 25%, 50%, 75%, and 100% through an application process. Eligibility is based on family size, household income, and extenuating circumstances. If you would prefer to support Camp Sealth through a tax deductible donation to our campership fund, we invite you to do so during registration or at any time on our website.


Why does Camp Sealth use tiered pricing?

Camp Sealth takes pride in the high quality of our programs, and we want to make sure that quality is reflected in our facilities. As we approach our centennial celebration, many of our facilities are starting to show their age. The change in our pricing structure reflects the need to invest in repairs, upgrades, and replacements to our current facilities as needed.

Our traditional pricing includes all of the basic camp costs such as food, supplies, transportation, and other operational costs, but it does not include the amount needed to maintain our facilities for the long term. The higher tiers more accurately reflect the full cost of camp including long-term maintenance.

Is there any pressure to pay one of the higher tiers?

Absolutely not. The choice is entirely voluntary, and we will never pressure you to pay a higher level than you are comfortable with. You know your financial situation best and can make the best selection for your own family.

If I pay a higher/lower tier, will that affect my child’s camp experience?

No. The tier choice is confidential, and your child’s counselor will never know which tier was selected. We will not prioritize waitlists, make cabin/buddy placements, or make any other decisions based on which tier was chosen.

Do I need to provide income verification if I pay at a lower tier?

No verification is required to pay any of the three tiers. The choice is entirely voluntary and you may select whichever option works best for you. We do require income verification for the financial aid application process, since that documentation is needed for our annual audit.

Does the tiered pricing structure impact access to financial aid?

Financial assistance is available as it has been in the past, and the application process has not changed. If you are awarded financial assistance, that amount will be determined based on paying the Tier A (lowest) rate.

After I register, is it possible to change the tier selected?

Yes, you can change the tier selected up until the point when you pay the balance on your account. You must pay a deposit of $100 when you register, and the balance is due June 1. If your circumstances or preferences change before paying the balance, you may change the tier at any time by contacting our office. We do not offer refunds on fees already paid except in circumstances outlined in our financial policies.

The lowest tier is too high for my family, but I’m not sure if we qualify for financial assistance. What are my options?

We encourage you to apply for financial assistance no matter your circumstances. It is likely that you may qualify for partial assistance, such as 25% or 50%. We also take extenuating circumstances into consideration, such as significant medical bills, loss of job/income, death in the family, etc. It is also possible that we can connect you with community organizations who provide scholarships. You are encouraged to contact us to figure out a payment solution that will work for your family.

I would like to contribute to Camp Sealth but I can’t afford the higher tiers. What are my options?

We welcome donations of any amount to our financial aid fund. You can make a tax-deductible donation during the registration process or through our website at any time. Thank you for helping send a child to camp!