Supporting Our Campers – Camp Fire Central Puget Sound

At Camp Fire, everyone is welcome. To ensure that our actions speak to that very important value of ours, we offer a variety of supports to ensure not only is everyone welcome, but they feel that they belong and that their week at camp feels successful to them.

Camp Sealth and Camp Fire strive to create a space where everyone belongs and can choose their definition of success. Below are some of the areas in which we work to ensure inclusion and equity amongst our programs at camp.

Supporting Our Campers

Disability or Accessibility Needs

For our campers with disabilities or additional accessibility needs, whether they be physical, or social-emotional, we encourage you to learn more about how we offer camper support, and how our staff partner with families to learn about the individual camper’s needs and create a plan to help them be successful at camp.

Medical Needs

Each week, Camp Sealth has a different team of 3 health care professionals working together to dispense medications, provide first aid, and manage records and care plans in the camp health center.

For our campers with additional medical needs or diagnoses, please contact us and we can help you determine if we can provide the right support for your camper.

BIPOC Campers & Staff

Camp Sealth recognizes that part of ensuring a diverse and inclusive environment is to create space and community for our BIPOC campers. We make every effort to recruit, hire, and retain a diverse pool of seasonal staff as we want to provide staff that reflects our camper populations, so they can see themselves in their counselors and mentors. This is an area both our organization and the camping industry is working to improve, learn more about Camp Fire Central Puget Sound’s work on diversity, equity, and justice.

LGBTQIA2S+ Campers

We welcome and affirm queer, transgender, non-binary, and gender-expansive youth and staff. Youth of all identities are welcome at Camp Sealth and we support the ability of campers to use bathroom facilities and pronouns that align with their gender identity. For either our out-and-proud campers or those still questioning, camp intentionally creates an anti-bullying, safe space to be your authentic self.

Camp Sealth provides gender-inclusive registration options and gender-neutral bathrooms. The use of pronouns is included in cabin introductions, but each camper can choose what they share. If your camper has different support needs around their identity, please include that information in their registration.

Dietary Restrictions

Our food service staff work tirelessly to accommodate and provide options for all major dietary restrictions, such as vegetarian, vegan, dairy-free and wheat-free campers. Camp Sealth is peanut-free and can accommodate a variety of food allergies, depending on their severity. For gluten-intolerant campers, learn more about our Gluten-Intolerant/Celiac week in partnership with the Gluten Intolerant Group.

Campers Experiencing Poverty

Camp Fire Central Puget Sound believes that every child should be able to benefit from our programs, regardless of income or socioeconomic status. Due to the generous support of donors, financial assistance is available to families that meet our income and eligibility requirements. Learn more about our financial aid process here.

For our campers experiencing poverty, houselessness, or financial instability we also want to make every effort to make sure they are prepared for camp ahead of time. Camp Sealth has a stash of borrowable basics such as pillows, towels, sleeping bags, and toiletries available. There is an assortment of weather-appropriate layers/clothing to borrow discreetly as well. Plan ahead and reach out to our staff about options available to your camper.

Learn More

If your camper needs any of the above supports, learn more about how we offer camper support.