Living Areas – Camp Fire Central Puget Sound

Living Areas

Camp cabins are basic but comfortable. All are fully enclosed with electricity; some have windows and heat for year-round use and others are unheated with screen windows. Beds are either bunk or stand-alone wood frames with foam mattresses. In most units, bathrooms are in a central shower house, a short walk from the cabin.

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Specialty Program Living Areas

Campers in some specialty programs live in alternate housing. Adventure Trip participants live in cabins while on site at Camp Sealth, but will camp in tents during their off-site trips.

Nocturnal Campers stay in a large 12-14 person tent with mattresses and personal space for each camper, Kiwanis Campers stay in bunk beds in the rustic and historic Kiwanis Lodge. In the Explorers program campers will have a cabin as a “home base” but will sleep at various sites throughout their time at camp.


Nearly every unit has a central bathhouse with toilets, sinks, and showers and each unit (age-group) uses its own bathhouse. All bathrooms have running water, flush toilets, and hot water. Showers have privacy curtains and separate spaces for changing. We have fully private, accessible bathrooms for those who request it. The cabins in Wrangler (horse camp) have in-cabin bathrooms and showers.

At Camp Sealth, all bathrooms and shower houses are considered gender-neutral. Cabin groups use an assigned bathroom in their home unit. These bathrooms may be used by any cabin in the age group and all conventional social norms about respect, modesty, and civility apply.

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