Our Inclusion Program

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Inclusion Philosophy

Inclusion is one of Camp Sealth’s core values, and we strive to live that value every day. We believe that all children, regardless of identity, should have the opportunity to attend camp, to be free to be their authentic selves, and to be accepted for who they are.

Inclusive is an adjective that describes all of Camp Sealth, not just one part of camp. “Inclusive Programming” refers to the way that we support campers and create accessible spaces so that everyone can participate together in the camp experience.  Inclusive is more than how we describe camp; it is the way we holistically approach our camp programming and community.

Here’s some of the supports we can provide at Camp Sealth

Inclusion Program

Behavior Expectations & Essential Functions

Camp Sealth ensures an environment of inclusiveness for kids with a wide variety of abilities and support needs. Our staff work with parents and campers to support them before and during camp.

In order to participate in an overnight camp program, a child must:

  • Be able to meet their  own personal care needs with (if needed) some assistance or reminders
  • Be able to control their own actions most of the time, and follow instructions from adults in order to safely and cooperatively interact with peers.

We are not staffed to support campers who exhibit physically and/or verbally aggressive behavior, or who need significant help with toileting, bathing, or dressing.

Inclusion Assessment

In order to provide the best possible support for your child, parents of campers with disabilities and/or accessibility needs are asked to complete an Inclusion Assessment Form by June 15 or at least two weeks prior to camp. The assessment can be completed through your online account or printed and mailed to us. Camp staff will follow up with either an email or phone call within a week or two of your child’s camp session.

Inclusion Assessment Form

Inclusion Staff

Prior to camp, the Summer Director Team & the Inclusion Coordinator reviews the assessment forms and create support plans for every camper with special needs. During camp, the Inclusion Staff works directly with counselors to provide resources and support for campers and communicate with parents during the camp session as needed.

For more information, check out our Parent’s Guide to Inclusion

Programs for Youth with Disabilities

Family Camps:  Families with kids with disabilities may be interested in Special Family Camp, a family program over Memorial Day Weekend that is tailored toward kids with various abilities. Special Family Camp is a great introduction to the camp experience for kids who may not be ready for a week of camp on their own.

Day Camp:  Camp Fire offers day camp at several parks throughout the Greater Puget Sound area. Our staff work directly with parents to support campers with mild to moderate disabilities, enabling them to succeed in this fully integrated camp experience. Learn More About Day Camp here!

Shooting Stars: (Not available Summer 2023) Camp Sealth offers camp specifically tailored for those on the autism spectrum who need extra support or have higher needs to be able to succeed at camp. Specially trained staff will lead the Shooting Stars, giving campers a unique opportunity to experience the outdoors.