Our Inclusion Philosophy

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Inclusion is one of Camp Sealth’s core values, and we strive to live that value every day. We believe that all children should have the opportunity to attend camp, to be free to be their authentic selves and to be accepted for who they are.

Gender Inclusion

We welcome and affirm transgender youth and staff. Youth of all gender identities are welcome at Camp Sealth and we affirm and support the ability of campers to use bathroom facilities and pronouns that align with their gender identity. When you register, you’ll be asked to let us know your child’s identified gender, as well as their preference for cabin placement and counselor assignment. If your child’s identified gender does not match their assigned (birth) sex, we invite them to choose the cabin option where they will be most comfortable. While most cabin groups are single-gender (male- or female-identified), gender-inclusive cabins are also an option, although not guaranteed all sessions. Please let us know all information that will help us make an appropriate cabin placement.

More information about cabin group assignments

LGBTQ+ Youth

We welcome children and youth who identify as LGBTQ+ and from LGBTQ+ families and strive to make camp a safe environment for everyone. While romantic relationships are not allowed or encouraged as part of the camp experience, we do encourage everyone to be able to talk openly about themselves, their personal identity, and their family. Our staff are trained in how to have age-appropriate conversations in a way that makes everyone feel comfortable and included without making judgments.

Supporting Youth with Disabilities

Camp Sealth welcomes and supports youth with mild to moderate disabilities to participate in any of our overnight or day camp programs. The Inclusion Staff team works with parents to prepare campers and staff and provide daily support for kids who need it.

More information about supporting disabilities

Financial Assistance

Camp Sealth recognizes that money is a limiting factor for youth to participate in summer camp, and it is our hope that every child has the opportunity to attend camp regardless of their family’s financial situation. We provide up to 100% financial aid through an application process, and we do not charge extra fees for any part of the camp experience. Even if your family doesn’t quality for full financial aid, you may be eligible for 25%, 50%, or 75%, and we also offer payment plans. The financial aid process is completely confidential – none of the counselors or summer camp staff know which campers have received aid to attend camp.

Camp can also help supply just about anything needed to attend camp, including a sleeping bag, flashlight, water bottles, riding boots for horse camp, or other outdoor gear. Contact us before camp to request to borrow any of these items. In addition, youth attending camp with financial aid will automatically be credited $10 to spend at the camp store.

More information about financial aid