Camp Sealth takes great care to keep campers as safe and healthy as possible while at camp with us. Prior to camp, each camper will need:

  • Complete a Health History form (two weeks prior to camp)
  • Complete the Medication Form, if bringing any kind of medication to camp
  • Complete a Health Screening upon arrival at camp


All medication must be checked in with the health care staff, including over-the-counter meds, medicated creams/lotions, supplements, melatonin, etc. to protect the well-being of others and to ensure that your camper receives their medication at the right time each day. All staff are trained in supporting campers who need access to EpiPens or inhalers and procedures are in place to ensure that emergency medication is always on-hand.

Health Screening

A health screening will be conducted during the check-in process, scanning for observable signs of illness, a temperature check, and attestation that your camper and household is healthy. Any child who exhibits symptoms of contagious illness, has a fever above 100.4 degrees F, or who has tested positive for COVID within the past 5 days, will not be able to attend camp. Review our full COVID policies here.

In addition to check-in health screening, routine health screening will occur throughout the camp session to check for signs of illness.

Injuries  & Illness at Camp

If your child is injured during camp (more than simple cuts/scrapes), we will do our best to notify the parent as soon as possible. Minor injuries may be treated on site or at the local health clinic with parent permission. Parents are responsible for the cost of any outside medical care or expenses incurred while attending camp.

If a camper gets sick at camp, they will be sent home to recover and seek medical treatment. Health care staff will isolate and treat the sick individual until parents/guardians can pick them up. Contagious illness spreads very quickly in the camp environment, and we do our very best to eliminate the spread of illness within our camp community.

Emergency Care

At least two licensed health care professionals (RN or higher) are on site while camp is in session to provide both routine and emergency care for campers. An AED is on site, and Vashon Island EMS services can be at camp in 20 minutes or less. In addition, most staff are First Aid and CPR certified, and go through training and rehearsal for a wide range of emergency situations.