Gender Inclusion – Camp Fire Central Puget Sound

At Camp Sealth, we are committed to providing a brave and supportive environment for all campers. Gender-inclusive units, cabins, and activities are fundamental aspects to the majority of our programming. Our cabins are designed to be a place where campers can enjoy the camp experience with their friends, creating lasting memories in a welcoming and inclusive environment that embraces diversity and togetherness.

The ability to have all aspects of camp be gender inclusive is most applicable to our specialty camp programming (excluding Bullseye! and Splash! camps). We prioritize the importance of fostering strong friendships and connections among campers, recognizing that these bonds can be formed across gender lines.

Cabin Assignments

Ultimately, the availability of gender-inclusive cabins depends on the number of campers who sign up for this option. We strive to accommodate these preferences whenever possible to foster a welcoming and diverse camp experience. 

In Classic Camp and some other specialty programs, most campers are assigned to single-gender cabin groups based on grade. Campers in Classic Camp may be housed in gender-inclusive housing if they choose that option, although we cannot guarantee that this will be available during all programs and sessions.

For campers whose identified gender does not match their assigned sex, we invite you to select the cabin option that best suits you. Private bathrooms, showers, and changing areas are available to all campers. 

Single Gender Programs

There are three programs at Camp Sealth that remain single gendered: certain weeks of Horse Camp (refer to our dates & rates), Bullseye!, and Splash! We are working towards gender inclusive options for these camps in the future and recognizes that this is an ongoing process that takes time.  

Horse Camp

Horse Camp remains single gender for specific sessions due to a notable increase in female identifying campers’ interest in equestrian activities. We’ve witnessed a surge in enthusiasm and, during the challenging times of COVID, have become one of the area’s few camps with a thriving horse herd. This tailored approach allows us to provide a unique and empowering environment for girls to connect with their passion for horses.  

Bullseye! & Splash!

Bullseye! and Splash! camps are currently designed as single gender camps in thoughtful response to various factors. Firstly, focusing on a single gender helps deconstruct the competitive spirit that can occur within these camps. Additionally, both camps acknowledge the evolving social norms of their respective age groups, tailoring the experience to meet the specific needs and preferences of each gender. 

In the case of Splash! Camp, we understand that participants often change in and out of swimsuits frequently due to the nature of aquatic activities. There are pop up changing tents in every cabin across camp, but we do not control the changing environment at the Vashon Pool.  

Exclusively Gender Inclusive Programs

Due to the nature of these programs, Nocturnal, Kiwanis, Adventure, Explorers, Proud 2 Be Me, Leadership Focus, and CIT/RSIT are gender-inclusive. Campers of all genders will share housing and participate in their daily activities together, creating a supportive and diverse community where everyone can thrive, bond, and build lifelong friendships.


When you register, you’ll be asked to let us know your child’s gender, as well as their preference for cabin placement and counselor assignment. If your child’s gender does not match their assigned (birth) sex, we invite them to choose the cabin option where they will be most comfortable.

Those campers who choose the gender-inclusive option will be assigned to a cabin that will have others who made the same choice, regardless of sex. While most cabin groups are single-gender, gender-inclusive/mixed-gender cabins are available as an option each session (though not guaranteed).

We support the ability of campers to come to camp as their authentic selves, so please note that campers are not monitored or reviewed to see if their gender expression matches their biological sex.