American Diabetes Association

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Our American Diabetes Association Week at Camp Sealth each summer ensures that all kids regardless of their medical needs enjoy a carefree, incredible week at camp!

We’re looking forward to ADA’s return in the summer of 2022!

ADA will be returning for Session One in 2022. 

Kids with diabetes can attend Camp Sealth with medical and nutritional support from the American Diabetes Association.

Thanks to a longstanding partnership with the American Diabetes Association (ADA), Camp Sealth holds one week of ADA camp to support campers with diabetes. The ADA provides a team of medical staff and dietitians who ensure a safe and healthy environment while kids experience an exciting week of camp worry-free. Campers gain self-confidence and improve diabetes self-management while getting to attend a typical week of camp!

We’re looking forward to the return of ADA camp for the Summer of 2022!

In a partnership with ADA, Benaroya research sponsors diabetes screenings and research. Do you have a family member with Type 1 Diabetes? Family members have a 15 times higher risk of developing type 1 diabetes but TrialNet risk screening can detect the disease years before symptoms occur. Visit to sign up and a test kit will be mailed to you free of charge.

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