Camper Support Resources – Camp Fire Central Puget Sound

Camp Sealth supports kids with a wide variety of disabilities, neurodivergence, mental health concerns, and other support needs. We provide additional staffing support and accommodations to campers in order to help them succeed at camp.

Camper Support Form

All campers with extra support needs are asked to complete the Camper Support Form, a confidential and detailed form to help us consider all the ways that we can make camp a good experience for your child. This form will be reviewed by our camp director team during the spring, and may contact parents/guardians for more information or further clarification. In rare cases, we may work with parents to consider a different session or program if it will be a better fit for your child.

Essential Requirements for Participation

It’s important for us to be realistic and transparent about what level of support Camp Sealth is able to provide for campers. There are many factors that determine a child’s success at camp. Our goal is to partner with parents to understand your child’s needs, and together identify the supports and accommodations that will provide the best opportunities for success. Due to the nature of camp and experience/training of our staff, these are the minimum requirements that a child must be able to do (with some assistance, guidance, and reminders when needed).

In order to participate in Sealth’s camp program, your child must be able to:

  • Meet their own personal care needs (toileting, showering, dressing, and feeding)
  • Self-regulate or maintain emotional regulation most of the time
  • Maintain safety of their own body and others
  • Follow camp rules essential for safety
  • Interact respectfully with peers

Sealth cannot support campers who need significant assistance with personal needs, continuous one-on-one attention, or who are unable to maintain safety of self and others. Staff cannot assist with toileting, showering, or dressing unless they have been specifically trained to do so and only on a case-by-case basis.

Supports & Accommodations

Camp Sealth can provide a wide range of supports for campers, depending on needs. The Camper Support Staff team are available to provide extra supervision and check in with each camper as needed. We can offer sensory breaks and quiet areas to regulate; and autonomy to self-select out of certain activities or do an alternate activity. Transportation is available to various parts of camp for those with physical limitations. Food accommodations can be made (by us or by the family) for kids with differing needs around food. Let us know, through the Camper Support Form or by contacting us, what accommodations would improve your child’s camp experience.

First time & Returning Campers

We recommend that children that have higher support/accessibility needs, especially younger children who have not been to camp before, attend one of our shorter sessions (mini week). Campers who have attended Sealth in the past, or another camp, may attend a longer session.

Contact Us

We encourage you to reach out to us with any questions or to schedule a conversation with one of the camp directors in preparation for your child’s camp experience. Contact us at 206 463 3174 ext. 31 or by email at