Camp Sealth & COVID-19

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For additional information and FAQs about our response to COVID-19, see our COVID FAQs page.


We are thrilled to be open and ready to welcome kids back to camp in summer 2021! While we know that COVID-19 is not yet completely under control, we’re confident that with our multi-layered approach to safety, we’ll be doing everything we can to keep our campers, staff, and community healthy.

Our Approach

We will be closely following all Washington State guidelines for overnight camps, as well as using the American Camp Association COVID-19 Field Guide. We are also looking at data and information from camps that ran in-person programs in 2020 to help make decisions. Our safety protocols include pre-camp testing and screening, getting staff and eligible campers vaccinated, wearing masks, small group cohorts, keeping activities outdoors, increased cleaning, and increased ventilation in buildings.

Note: The guidance in Washington State is changing rapidly. Our leadership staff, through the Washington State Camp Coalition, have been in regular communication with Governor Inslee’s office about our operational guidelines for the summer. While we are highly encouraged by the vaccination rates and potential loosening of state restrictions, as of now we must still follow all state requirements.

Vaccines & COVID Testing

Per Washington State guidelines, all campers and staff must either:

  • Be fully vaccinated when camp begins, OR
  • Show proof of a negative COVID-19 test no more than 3 days before camp, and quarantine between the test and the start of camp (more info)

All of our staff, and all campers aged 12 and older, are highly encouraged to get vaccinated as soon as possible. More vaccines may mean fewer restrictions at camp. For many reasons, we will not require a vaccine, but getting vaccinated is the best thing you can do to support a safe and healthy summer.

Campers and staff who are fully vaccinated (at least 2 weeks after the second dose for Pfizer or Moderna, or 2 weeks after the single shot of J&J) will not need to get a COVID test before arriving at camp.

Operational Changes

We know it’s important to be transparent about the changes that we’re making at camp. Each of these changes is for one or more of these reasons: a) to ensure the health and safety of our entire community, b) to align with state guidelines, and c) to ensure our long-term financial stability. Rest assured that these changes are temporary, for the duration of the COVID-19 pandemic.

  • Non-Refundable Deposit: The deposit of $100 per reservation is non-refundable, even if we have to cancel programs. Any payments made beyond the $100 deposit will be refundable until June 1, or later in case of medical cancellation. Exemptions will be made for financial aid recipients.
  • No Transportation Provided: For both financial and health/safety reasons, we will not be offering transportation to camp aboard Da Boata or by any other means.
  • COVID test or vaccine: Per state guidelines, all campers and staff will be required to a) be fully vaccinated, or b) receive a negative COVID test no more than 3 days before camp and remain in quarantine between the test and start of camp. For children under age 12, or those not able to get a vaccine, you will need to plan on a test and short quarantine before camp.
  • Out of State Campers: Any campers arriving from out of state must follow all CDC travel guidelines.
  • Masks at camp: Campers and staff will be required to wear masks at camp, except when eating, sleeping, showering, brushing teeth, or swimming.
  • Specialty Programs & Field Trips: Due to the lower camp capacity, many specialty programs are not being offered 2021, including Kiwanis, Adventure trips,  and Shooting Stars. We will also not be able to offer any field trips out of camp, including for CITs and day camp.

We will continue to release more information about changes to our program, and the steps we are taking to keep our camp community safe, over the next several weeks. This will be shared here on our website, through social media, and by email. Many aspects of camp will look different this summer, and we want all of our campers and families to be prepared.



If the state of Washington expects to fully reopen on June 30, what does that mean for camp?

“Fully reopening” is a little misleading – many industries, especially those that serve children, will not be able to drop their COVID guidelines until all ages are able to be fully vaccinated. It is possible that restrictions will loosen during the summer, but we do not expect them to. We must adhere to the Washington State guidelines for overnight camps.

The CDC no longer recommends masks for kids in outdoor settings. Does this apply to camp?

Not yet. Washington State guidance still recommends masks for kids, especially those that are unvaccinated. There are exceptions to mask-wearing at camp, but campers and staff will be wearing them the majority of the time.

Will you require that eligible kids (age 12+) or staff be vaccinated?

No. The vaccine is new and still under FDA Emergency Use Authorization, so we do not feel that we can require it. In addition, some of our campers and staff come from out of the United States where vaccines may not be available yet. We are strongly encouraging all staff and eligible kids to get vaccinated. A recent survey of parents indicated that 93% of campers age 12 and older and nearly 100% of staff would be fully vaccinated by the time camp begins.

Can I request that my child be in a cabin only with those who are vaccinated?

No. Making cabin placements is a highly complex process with many factors to consider. Grouping kids by vaccination status would lead to issues of exclusion and would unfairly impact those who, for many reasons, are not able to get a vaccine prior to camp.

If the COVID restrictions lift, will you be able to offer transportation aboard Da Boata or other means?

No. We do not expect the restrictions to lift, and even if they did, planning for transportation takes several months – we must book dates with Argosy or bus companies months in advance. And due to the fact that most of our kids will still be unvaccinated, it is not a risk we are ready to take.