Attending Camp With Friends

Friends who attend camp together may request to be in a cabin group together. We guarantee friend requests as long as they are:

  • Registered for the same program (i.e. all are registered for Classic Camp, or all are registered for Horse Camp)
  • No more than 2 years apart in age
  • Mutually request each other (i.e. Fisher requests Pam and  Pam requests Fisher)
  • Are the same gender (unless in a gender-inclusive cabin or camp)

Due to the small size of our cabin groups, we do not permit buddy groups larger than 3 friends. Large groups can lead to cliques and exclusivity within the cabin; use camp as an opportunity to make new friends! Again, groups of 4 or more will be split into multiple cabins.

In most cases, we do not recommend that siblings be placed in a cabin group together. Siblings will be placed in separate cabins unless specifically requested otherwise.

You can make buddy requests during registration, or by calling our office after you have registered, up to two weeks before camp begins. Cabin assignments are made only a few days before the start of camp. To ensure that we have placed buddies together, you can ask the staff during check-in to verify their cabin placement.

Note: In Horse Camp, buddies can be registered for different riding levels (i.e. Beginner Riding and Intermediate Riding) and still be placed in a cabin group together.