Camp Niwana

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Grade: K-7Location: Port OrchardDate(s): July 22-26, 2019Time: 9:30 AM - 3:30 PMCost: $215 camper; $100 CIT; $40 teen volunteersRegister Now for Camp Niwana

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girl archer at Camp NiwanaSpend Your Week at the Lake!

Camp Niwana, the sister camp of Camp Sealth, is located near Port Orchard, Washington. It is conveniently accessible from Highway 16 from either Gig Harbor or Bremerton. The 134-acre camp surrounds Lake Helena, a private six-acre lake ideal for swimming and canoeing. Inner camp includes the main lodge, a few cabins and lake access. Trails surround the lake and connect areas for outdoor cooking and campfires.


• Nature Hikes
• Arts & Crafts
• Group Games
• Outdoor Cooking
• Storytelling
• Camp Songs Singalongs
Arts & Crafts GirlSwimming and Boating
• Archery (for youth 4th grade and up)
• Theme Related Activities – – Each week of Day Camp features a special theme, many activities or special guests are planned to fit the theme. Each day of camp also has a special theme, we encourage the kids to dress in relation to the theme; example “Crazy Hair Day,” “Backward Day,” and “PJ Day!”

Camp Traditions

Visit the fairy forest and build the fairies a new home! The fairies always leave thank you gifts for their new dwellings for the campers to find when they return to the forest!

Camp Niwana enjoys a camp mascot named Aunt Emily:

The Legend of Aunt Emily
When many moons had passed through the sky and the beautiful Indian maiden, Niwana had grown old; she longed to visit her childhood home again. When the sun filled the sky with light, Niwana began her long journey. When one moon had come and gone, Niwana reached her destination. She was delighted to see so many happy children enjoying her former home. But, her heart also grieved. Niwana knew she would soon join the chiefs in the happy hunting ground and nobody would be left to care for Camp Niwana.  After much thought, Niwana called a great Council Fire.  All of her animal friends came- the deer family, the beavers, the ducks, the chipmunks, and the wise owl.
“Deer, can you help?”
“Our family is large, and our home is small,” they replied, “and winter is hard. We are sorry that we cannot help.”
“Beavers, can you help?”
“Our family is large, and our home is small,” they replied, “and winter is hard. We are sorry that we cannot help.”
With a sad heart, Niwana turned to the owl for help. “Wise owl, please help me.”
Because the owl had seen many moons, he could not help. He did however, lean over and whisper in Niwana’s ear.
“Of course,” cried Niwana, turning to a brownish gray squirrel. “You are both wise and swift, Aunt Emily. You see all, because you live in the tallest tree. Your voice is both loud and high and can be heard a great distance. Aunt Emily will you help?”
“Yes,” answered Aunt Emily with great pride, and she accepted the bag of fir cones Niwana gave her.
Since that day, many seasons have come and gone. But, Aunt Emily still watches over Camp Niwana from her home, in the tallest tree in Happy Hollow.


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