A staff member and campers play underneath a colorful rainbow parachute

Our Staff

Camp Fire enlists the help of enthusiastic and passionate volunteers to run each of our day camps.  All our staff must undergo extensive training and background checks.

Day Camp maintains a high overall staff to camper ratio of 1:8 or better, and each camper group has 2 staff per 8 to 10 kids. Campers are never left unsupervised – staff are always present and involved to help guarantee the safety of our kids!

Site Directors

All site directors meet the minimum qualifications set by the American Camp Association (ACA).

ACA Requirements:

  • At least 2 prior seasons of administrative or supervisory experience in an organized camp
  • Average 5 hours of professional development each year that addresses the individual’s needs related to the ACA core competencies
  • At least 25 yrs old