As each camp location is unique, the Check-In and Check-Out procedures may vary slightly, however, the policies below apply at all of our camps to ensure the safety of your child. Find more information about your specific week of Day Camp in the Information Guides.


All campers must be signed into camp every day by the person dropping them off. Check-In times vary depending on the site location.


At the end of the day, all campers must be signed out by an authorized adult. Our staff will ask to check your photo identification and verify that you are listed on their Camper Release Form. You will be asked to present your ID every day.

Early Departure

If a camper must leave early, written permission must come from a parent or guardian. The written permission should indicate the time of departure and the name of person authorized to pick the camper up.  The camper must report to the Camp Director and be picked up at camp headquarters, and the person picking up your child will be asked to present photo identification.


We must account for every child each day. If your child is going to be absent or late to camp, please send a note with your child the day before or contact your site director directly. If we have no information about your child’s absence, we must call to verify their location to ensure that they are safe and well.