Daily Schedule & Activities

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Day Campers running at Blythe Day CampWhat is a typical day like at Day Camp?

All of our day camps are held in an outdoor setting. During day camp, campers will participate in arts & crafts, group games, outdoor cooking, and have several adventures.


When you drop off your camper(s), they go straight to their groups, where their counselors check them in and make sure they are ready for fun. Campers stay together, with their group and counselor, for the whole session.

Morning Activities

Arts and crafts at Blythe Day CampEach day of day camp will have fun activities to choose from, and every day camp has its own unique programs. Campers can choose from arts and crafts projects, group games or sports, outdoor cooking projects like pie iron pizzas, ice cream making, s’mores, box ovens, and more, or exploring their natural surroundings. Some camps offer archery, canoeing, beach hikes and appearances from special guests such as reptile handlers, the Seattle Fire Department for an egg drop, music or percussion instructors, Native American storytellers and more. You’ll know more about the activities at your child’s session of camp from your Parent Letter, mailed home 1-2 weeks in advance of camp.


Campers eat the sack lunch they brought with their group at the “campsite” they have chosen. In addition, every camper will have the opportunity to do some outdoor cooking during the week, starting with simple menu items for younger children, and more advanced items for older ones. All children will be taught fire building and fire safety.

Campers cooking with pie irons at Day CampAfternoon Activities & Check-Out

Campers choose more activities with the help of their counselors. After clean up and the end of the day assembly, you sign your child out of camp, showing your I.D. for safety.