All About Day Camp – Camp Fire Central Puget Sound

What Makes Camp Fire Day Camps Unique?

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For more than 80 years, Camp Fire has been bringing the magic of Day Camp to your neighborhood!

Small Group Philosophy

Campers are assigned to a group with others in the same grade or age. Our groups are between 6-10 kids for each adult staff or teen counselor as well as an assistant teen counselor.

We have seen the incredible benefits of organizing our campers into small groups – it provides the perfect opportunity for team-building, developing friendships and growing together as they try new activities and learn new skills! It also means that your child receives personalized care and attention for their entire stay with us!

Connecting Kids to the Outdoors

Camp Fire was established with a strong foundation in providing positive outdoor experiences for youth and it is fundamental to our mission, core values, and programs. We believe in teaching kids about the natural world not just letting them experience it passively. At our Day Camps, campers learn about nature through hands-on activities including beach walks, nature hikes, fire-building, outdoor cooking, and safety classes.

Day Camp Goals and Outcomes

Our Day Camps take pride in being a unique opportunity for children to gain independence and experience positive social interactions that will give them lifelong skills. Listed below are Camp Fire’s specific desired outcomes for campers in all of our outdoor programs.

Self-Awareness & Positive Values

  • Increased self-esteem
  • Reinforced motor skills and physical development
  • Increased ability to use critical thinking skills in decision making
  • Increased ability to express feelings with adults and other youth

Social Skills & Sense of Belonging

  • Increased appreciation and respect for others
  • Increased use of consensus building and teamwork
  • Youth apply rules for fair play and conflict resolution
  • Greater sense of belonging
  • Extended friendship circles

Competency & Empowerment

  • Increased ability to make choices and plan sequentially
  • Increased ability to celebrate and share successes
  • Greater preferences for safe choices
  • Increased self-reliance and ability to manage being on their own
  • Increased leadership skills

Knowledge of & Appreciation for the Natural Environment

  • Increased appreciation and understanding of nature
  • Increased knowledge of minimum impact camping
  • Increased sense of comfort and safety in the out-of-doors

Financial Assistance

Camp Fire believes that all kids, regardless of their financial situation, should be able to experience the magic of camp! Financial assistance is available for families in need thanks to generous donations from businesses, community organizations and friends of Camp Fire.