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Executive Director, Rick Taylor.

A Message from our Exec:

Camp Fire’s influence doesn’t just last a school year or a summer — or even one lifetime. The impact we make spans generations.

You’ll read about two four-generation Camp Fire families in this issue of The Torch. They are vivid examples of how the experiences that kids have in Camp Fire, the relationships they develop and the values they learn, can help mold them into generous, caring adults.

The girls and boys of Camp Fire Puget Sound — 5,000 of them in King, Kitsap and North Mason counties — learn to be active, healthy and engaged members of their community. They explore new ways to protect and appreciate the environment. They develop empathy as they learn to help others and to celebrate and honor diversity.

Our commitment to service learning ingrains a giving spirit within Camp Fire kids. As they explore causes of and possible solutions to significant social issues, they gain compassion for those in our community who experience hunger, homelessness, intolerance and disability. They come away with a better understanding of different cultures, life experiences, beliefs and abilities.

When you support Camp Fire, you support new generations of youth who will grow into compassionate and principled adults.

Thank you!

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