Aurora Receiving WoHeLo AwardRead our last feature on one of our most recent WoHeLo Award recipients, earned through years of participation in our School Year Programs. If you missed our first two posts, be sure to read more about the incredible amount of work that goes into earning the WoHeLo Award.

A Camp Fire member since 2002, Aurora Montes demonstrated her creativity in her advocacy projects that included planning and hosting three Camp Fire Candy Rallies and teaching kids critical skills needed for the annual Candy Sale fundraiser. She served as a drama specialist at Camp Fire’s Carkeek Park Day Camp, teaching kids improv in hopes of encouraging their creativity and building their confidence. She additionally chaired the Carnival of Beads event.

Aurora will be attending Bellevue College this fall to study applied sciences and radiation imaging.

She writes, “The people I’ve met through Camp Fire are now my lifelong friends. I have learned so much about what being a friend is. Camp Fire has taught me how to be a good supportive leader, something I am very grateful for. Being in Camp Fire has helped me grow into a better person.

I want to thank my Camp Fire Leader and Mother, Karen. She has always been behind my group and me. When we were difficult middle schoolers she would still push on and plan fun activities for us. I also want to thank Mary Williams Prall, the other leader of my group. She has been wonderful and I don’t know what the group would have been like without her, she has been a solid rock!  Also, to my group; Tan da Kani Ka Ta. Thanks for being great friends to me and supporting me to finish my Wo He Lo. Hannah – thank you so much. You have helped me so much. Words cannot describe how grateful I am for you.

Camp Fire has helped me discover my inner child! Being a counselor made me realize that my campers depend on me. Responsibility is something that comes with leadership and Camp Fire has taught me that. I’ve learned a lot about friendship. Friendship is a two way street and you both need to support each other. You cry with mishaps and you rejoice when your friend does something well. You and your friends understand each other and Camp Fire has taught me that.  Thank you!”

Congratulations Aurora, thank you for all of your service to Camp Fire! WoHeLo!

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