Wohelo Award Recipients: 2023 – Camp Fire Central Puget Sound

Celebrating the Incredible Leadership of our Wohelo Awardees

Camp Fire Central Puget Sound is proud to award three recipients with their Wohelo Award this year. All three awardees have been working towards their WoHeLo award for the past several years. Throughout a global pandemic, lock downs, and isolations they worked even harder to find ways to connect with and enrich their communities – facing hurdles and challenges very few have had to navigate before! They explored new and creative ways to lead younger Camp Fire groups, provide local senior communities with holiday cheer, and remotely facilitate events, activities, and food drives.

Rising to such a challenge goes beyond the WoHeLo award itself, and they’ve managed to embody and share the values of Camp Fire despite it. We are grateful for the inspiration and leadership they have given to others on their journey, and invite you to read about their incredible advocacy work below. Congratulations to our awardees!

Cassidy Wong

Cassidy’s first advocacy was selling second-hand clothing to fundraise for UNICEF’s aid to the middle eastern country of Yemen. To promote donations she used social media to get the word out as well as educate her community with flyers. Her second advocacy was being a junior leader for the Flying Squirrels. Cassidy and fellow awardee Megan planned and led meetings for a year! Lastly, she sewed and donated handmade pillowcases to children with cancer through Ryan’s Case for Smiles.

“My favorite memories from Camp Fire include going to Wisteria to sing to [the residents] and going on adventures with my group! I will be attending the University of Washington this fall and I plan to study business.”


Megan Eng

Megan’s First Advocacy was being a co-leader of the Flying Squirrels group. Along with Cassidy Wong, she helped plan and run meetings for the younger Camp Fire group. In her second advocacy, she helped spread holiday cheer at a local elderly Asian low-income housing during Covid in attempts to spread kindness during the pandemic and as well as bridging the generational gap in our community. Megan’s last advocacy was introducing youth to basketball. She helped start Kodomo Basketball back up after Covid to help kids get active and learn the simple fundamentals of basketball.

“My favorite memories involve spending time with my wonderful group and bringing gifts to Wisteria for my second advcacy. I will be attending Gonzaga University for Nursing next Fall!”


Ava Tsue

Ava’s first advocacy was planning a local Council Fire for her church and sister-groups. For her second advocacy, she planned and led a CPR training for her church and sister-groups in Camp Fire, and the local community with the Seattle Fire Department. For her third advocacy, she led a food and clothing drive partnered with the Issaquah Food & Clothing Bank. “I was inspired by their mission of uniting our community in nourishing and nurturing individuals by removing barriers to healthy food, vital resources, and connections to essential services. All of these experiences hold special meaning in my heart and I’m so thankful for all of the opportunities I’ve been given.”

“I’m very thankful for all of these activities I’ve done to help me learn necessary life skills and knowledge that will help me stay organized and manage my time wisely.”


Congratulations to our awardees!

Learn more about Group Program and the Camp Fire Wohelo Award, and join us in celebrating these incredible leaders.

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