Briann Stepper Headshot

Please join us in celebrating the tremendous achievement of Brianna Stepper, who has successfully completed the requirements for her Wohelo Award.  In order to earn her Wohelo award, Brianna completed three advocacies she was passionate about.

Brianna’s first advocacy was to help other high school youth earn their Wohelo Awards. Brianna held several leadership positions in Camp Fire’s Horizon Cabinet, a program designed to support and advise youth who are working toward their Wohelo. Her crowning achievement was to serve as the Co-Chair from 2010-2012. In addition to planning and facilitating fun, engaging meetings, she also recruited new youth to attend interest events designed to spark their interest in pursuing their Wohelo Award.

For her second Advocacy, Brianna joined Dad/Kid Weekend as Co-Chair. For three years, Brianna facilitated all outdoor activities, planned workshops, arranged volunteers, and assigned housing arrangements for 200 people. Each year, she would recruit a group of younger Camp Fire youth to teach them how to Co-Chair the event for future years.

For her final advocacy, Brianna chose to volunteer as the Stage Manager for her high school’s theatre arts department. Brianna was responsible for managing rehearsals, assisting the director, and managing over thirty actors. This position definitely tapped her strong leadership skills, and all told she devoted 500 hours of hard work to the theatre productions

Following her graduation from high school this year, Brianna will attend the University of Nevada to study Political Science and International Science. She hopes to utilize her leadership skills and continue her work with Camp Fire.

Congratulations, Brianna, from all of us at Camp Fire!