Why We Travel – Spring Break Service Road Trips – Camp Fire Central Puget Sound

The first day of spring has finally arrived after a long and cold Pacific Northwest winter and we couldn’t be more excited! It also means that our Spring Break Service Road Trip is just a few weeks away for our high school teens. Check out why we travel and what we hope that teens will take away from the trip!

Teens volunteering at Book Barn
Teens volunteering at the Book Barn in 2016

Hands on Service Learning

The road trip allows for teens to earn about 24 hours of community service throughout the week through a variety of different cause areas. By planning a diverse week of projects, teens can begin to identify the areas that resonate with them personally to help build meaningful connections for their future volunteer efforts. Teens will also learn about what it takes to operate different types of nonprofit or service organizations.

Camp Fire also makes an effort to seek out service projects that might not otherwise be available to teens, providing the necessary supervision so that teens can safely explore new projects in a small group environment. This trip also builds upon our long-standing tradition of Teen Leadership in Camp Fire, providing opportunities for youth to be leaders in their current lives by going out into their communities.

Connect to Nature, Unplug & Build Social Skills

Cape Disappointment State Park
One of our 2016 stops at Cape Disappointment State Park!

The Spring Break Road Trip is also an opportunity for teens to get outside and explore, and in Camp Fire, we camp! Since spring weather can be a little unpredictable, all of our sleeping accommodations are indoors with heat to protect us from the elements. However, teens will still have a chance to cook their meals over the fire or a Coleman stove. Teens also get to help meal plan and learn to work with their teammates so that everyone has a role.

Part of the benefit of selecting these types of accommodations, typically at State Parks or our own facilities at Camp Sealth, is the proximity to some of the most beautiful natural scenery in the state. We’ll take a few moments each day to explore the natural world around us, be it with beach time, hikes, sunsets, and more.

While we’re out exploring, teens will truly be “unplugged!” One of the biggest benefits from a week on the road is that we leave the cell phones behind. Parents can reach our staff at both the office and on the trip in case of emergency, but teens will be device free! It’s an opportunity to practice real, live “facetime” social skills with other teens, be it in the van while we’re traveling, over a game of cards during a sudden rain shower, or over s’mores around the fire.

After attending the Spring Break Road Trip, I felt like I learned and experienced so much in the span of 5 days! From figuring out how to cook dinner for 9 on a Coleman stove to learning about the different non-profit organizations to bonding with my fellow road trippers – every experience was new and exciting and provided me with challenges to overcome!

Annika, 2016 Spring Break Road Trip Participant

Don’t miss out – we’ve got a few spots left!

Learn more about our trip itinerary on our blog or more details about what to expect, and register to join us this April 10-14 on the road!


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