Why We Give to Camp Fire – Camp Fire Central Puget Sound
Donors Hillary U & Peter Freeman credit the organization’s long legacy of inclusivity as one of the main reasons they give to Camp Fire.

A Camp Fire Foundation

My history with Camp Fire is rich, and one filled with learning, laughter and fun. It started when I was six years old thanks to my mother who searched for a program we could do together.

After being rejected from another program due to my ethnicity, Camp Fire welcomed us with open arms.

I am grateful for all the friendships and experiences and I know I would not be the person I am today, without participating in Camp Fire programs.

Dreams Realized

When my husband Peter and I heard we were having twins, one of the first things we were told was that we shouldn’t expect them to make it. You see, Eliza and Jade are a rare kind of twins called monoamniotic-monochorionic (or momo, for short) twins. This means they’re identical twins that share the same amniotic sac and were at risk for a myriad of complications. While it was a blessing to carry them, it didn’t come without many sleepless nights of worry, dozens of doctor’s appointments, and a two-month hospital stay so that we could be close to the operating room.

Fast forward five years, and Eliza and Jade are happy, healthy, and very curious about the world around them. They are our dream come true and not a day goes by that we aren’t  thankful for having them in our lives.

Together, we wanted to find a way to honor the strength and resilience that Eliza and Jade have shown and that is why we decided to start the Eliza and Jade Dream Fund.









With the Eliza and Jade Dream Fund supporting Camp Fire Central Puget Sound, it’s our hope that children across the region will have the opportunity to be touched by the wonder that Camp Fire can bring. We established this fund to enable Camp Fire to continue building strong programs and ensure that other kids can follow their dreams through leadership development and a connection to the natural world.

Our extended family has joined us in building the fund making gifts for holidays and birthdays. We are so excited by how much it has grown already!  – Peter Freeman

Creating a fund is an easy way to make a difference for youth in our community while building a legacy of giving for your family. To learn more, please contact the Camp Fire Development Team at (206) 826-8931.

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