Long-time Camp Fire donors Karen & David Aoyama, credit Camp Fire’s youth-centered programming and inclusivity as key reasons why they give.

There’s a saying at Camp Fire that means a lot to me as a donor: “We plan with kids, not for them.” Camp Fire doesn’t condescend to young people. It respects their ideas and capabilities and helps them identify and use their strengths.

Camp Fire groups I’ve led could plan the entire camping trips by the time they were fifth-graders: the food, the chores, the equipment, everything – all I had to do was drive.

Camp Fire teaches teamwork and gratitude, to seek beauty, pursue knowledge and give service.

Camp Fire is inclusive. If you are religious or not, gay, straight or transgender, able-bodied or disabled, there is a place for you at Camp Fire as a full and equal participant.

—     Karen Aoyama, Camp Fire donor, parent,
former staff member and group leader who has
led 11 kids in achieving their WoHeLo awards

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Your gift helps make an immeasurable impact, and cost should never be the reason a kid doesn’t go to camp. Yet every year, there are more low-income children who languish on our wait list than we have campership funds to support.

“Financial aid from Camp Fire made it possible for our daughter to start the best thing that she’s ever been a part of, and we are so happy to be in the position to now be able give back so other kids can come to camp!”

Camp Sealth parent, campership Recipient & donor

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