What’s New in Summer 2022?

As we look forward to our 101st summer program at Camp Sealth, we’ve had to adapt…

We experienced an incredible and unique summer in 2021. Our children needed a safe place to heal from a time of distancing and be able to reconnect with one another and the natural world, and they found that opportunity on the shores of Camp Sealth. This past summer, we managed to serve 1,851 campers, and do it all without a single case of COVID-19.

COVID Protocols for Summer 2022

We anticipate keeping some COVID mitigation protocols in place for Summer 2022. We felt incredibly lucky to make it through our past summer without a single case, but this was due to many layers of prevention put in place. While we don’t anticipate taking all the same measures, we will be continuing to inform our strategies based on state and local guidelines and industry practices. We are encouraging all campers to get vaccinated, but have not yet made final decisions on vaccine requirements or the extent of masking that will be required. We are requiring that all seasonal staff be vaccinated, as well as LEADs and CITs. For Summer 2022, we will be updating families as those decisions are made, with all final decisions to be made by May 1st. More information on our procedures can be found on this page that details our approach. 

Teens on Boata

Gender-Expansive Inclusion at Camp

In 2021, we created a more gender-expansive approach to bathrooms and upgraded our policies and training, and we plan to keep with this structure moving forward. Summer 2021 was an opportunity to pilot our use of gender-neutral bathrooms to both prevent the spread of COVID and ensure safe spaces for our LGBTQIA2S+ campers and staff. We plan to continue using assigned shower times, privacy changing tents, increased supervision, and gender-neutral bathrooms for all campers and staff moving forward. You can learn more about how this will continue to look at camp in our FAQ section.

Changes to Camp Fees

In a world impacted by rising costs and staffing shortages, we’ve had to raise our prices for this upcoming season. While we typically can see a small increase year-over-year, as prices have gone up for everything from food and paper goods, along with us working to increase staff pay each year, we are implementing an almost 10% increase in the cost of camp. While we managed to weather the past 2 years of altered programming, reduced capacities, and only a small amount of income from our year-round opportunities at camp, we had to make the difficult decision for the increase this year as we wait for retreat groups and our Outdoor Education programs to return to full capacity.  For our campers and their families, you can still use tier pricing to determine which tier will be the best option.  Learn more about tiered pricing here, or learn more about our financial aid process.

We’re excited to announce the return of some of our favorites…

Boata arriving at camp

We’re confident we can bring back some of our favorites safely!

Da Boata Returns

And we sure missed it! We are so excited to announce that we’re finalizing the details to bring back Da Boata for transportation to/from Pier 56 in downtown Seattle. We so appreciated our accommodating and flexible families this past summer, but we’re ready to get back to such a key part of the Camp Sealth experience. The two hour party ride returns!

Specialty Camps are back: Adventure, Kiwanis, Bullseye & More

We’re excited to welcome back our specialty camps, adventure trips, and Kiwanis camp as we plan to increase our capacity back to reflect a more ‘normal’ summer! These offer such a great way to spice up our returning campers’ experiences, with options like Splash!, Adventurers, and our backpacking trips like Cascade Lakes. Check out what’s available this summer!

Soon to be Announced: Dates for ADA & GIG Week

We’ve hosted camps to support campers with diabetes since the 1940’s. We’re so excited to share that once again we’ll welcome the American Diabetes Association back to camp in 2022. We are waiting to confirm the session dates, and will update registration information once it’s been confirmed with the ADA! We typically partner this week with our Gluten Intolerance week as well, they’ll be back again too. Stay tuned for more!

And we have new ways in which we’re growing and changing to become more welcoming, inclusive, and FUN…

We’re continuing to innovate and offer new ways to participate at Camp Sealth!

Session 7 – Free 2 Be Me/Gender Inclusive Classic Camp

We are excited to share that this summer, Session 7 will be an opportunity to offer more gender-expansive / gender-neutral cabins. Gender-inclusive cabins are a good option for those that identify as non-binary, for kids who prefer to spend time with a mixed-gender group, or for friends of different genders to be able to be in the same cabins/age groups! The default registration selection for this session will be a gender-inclusive cabins, but there will still be the option to request a single-gender cabin and a counselor of the same gender. Otherwise, this week will operate much the same as classic camp – same activities, sessions in camp still will have single-gender cabins, just a greater concentration of gender-expansive campers and housing options. FAQs on gender-neutral housing and bathrooms can be found here.

Session 7: Proud to Be Me Camp

We’re excited to offer this new opportunity for intentional community! This session of camp gives a designated space for and to build a community of queer-identifying or questioning campers in 8th-12th grades. The week will offer gender-inclusive cabins, staff facilitated and supervised discussions around identity and queer history, along with the same classic camp favorites of overnights, archery, arts & crafts, and more! Campers can expect value sessions centered around being queer in the outdoors, and a safe space to try on new names, identities, or pronouns. Still enjoy the same classic camp activities but in a space that truly feels as if they belong for who they are. Learn more here about our support of LGBTQIA2S + Campers & Allies.

TWO Double Sessions for Leadership Focus and Intermediate/Advanced Riding

Leadership Focus and Intermediate/Advanced Riding sessions have been our most popular and ALWAYS end up waitlisted. This summer we’ve listened to our families and are expanding the programs to accommodate more campers with different dates: Sessions 3/4 and Sessions 6/7. These double sessions are a great opportunity to grow your skills over time, build stronger bonds with your cabin-mates, and just get more camp time!

Gender-Inclusive Wrangler Sessions

We have increased the number of sessions open to all genders, not just girls only! Both our Lil’Buckaroos sessions, along with both Beginner/Intermediate and Intermediate/Advanced options. As one of the few overnight horse camps in Western Washington, we wanted to make sure more campers had the opportunity to mount up with us and hit the trails! Here’s more on our horse camps!

Questions about Summer 2022?

For questions regarding Summer Programs, contact Meaghan Baumgartner, Summer Camp Director
(206) 463-3174 ext. 44 meaghanb@campfireseattle.org

For registration questions, contact Michael McGrath, Member Services Manager
(206) 826-8937, michaelm@campfireseattle.org